Our Officers:

ELECTED OFFICERS: Click on “Contact Me” to email officer

President: Evelyn J. Seabrook Contact me
Vice President: Greg D’Alessio Contact me
Secretary Janie L. Clark Contact me
Treasurer Lanita Boston Contact me

District Vice Presidents by District:

  1. Donald Wills Contact Me
  2. Susan Parkins  Contact me
  3. Vacant 
  4. Vacant
  5. Stephen Abney  Contact me
  6. Vacant
  7. Sardebra Wright Contact me
  8. David Ross Contact me


Federal Legislative Officer Mark Silverstein Contact Me
Public Relations Officer Patricia Vevera Contact Me
Membership Officer Susan Parkins Contact Me
Alzheimer’s Coordinator Christian Stearns Contact Me
Service Officer Vacant
Assistance Program Evelyn Seabrook Contact me
Auditor & Ballot and Tellers Linda Harmon Contact Me
Chaplain Rev. Bill vander Heyden 
Contact Me
FEEA Coordinator Arlette Thomas Contact Me
Training Officer Roland Moore Contact me