Executive Board Meeting

23 May 2008

Minutes of Meeting



The meeting was called to order at 8:10 AM by President Stewart.  Chaplain Henderson led in an invocation.


The meeting the recessed for Orientation of New Officers at 8:11AM.


At 9:20 AM the meeting reconvened  starting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Second Vice President Carter, followed by the Roll Call of Elected Officers by the Secretary; all were present. The Roll Call of Appointed Officers was then called by the Secretary; Alzheimer's Chair Leonora Sicular, Coalition Chair Herbert Sicular, Chapter Assistance Chair David Whelan, and Retention Chair Clyde Young were absent.


MOTION 2454609-01 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the amended agenda be approved with the right to adjust as needed. Passed.


President Stewart reported that all appointed officers had agreed to serve another term. 


MOTION 2454609-02 by First Vice president Roepke, properly seconded, to concur in the appointments. Passed.       


Honorariums were distributed to Secretary, Treasurer and Automation Chair.


The minutes of the May 20, 2008 Minutes were presented by the Secretary


MOTION 2454609-03 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded. Passed as amended.


Elected Officers presented reports. The outgoing Treasurer, Kenneth Carter

distributed a balance sheet, indicating that the Per Capita Taxes were received and deposited. He indicated that the President receives a full set of reports, he provided monthly spreadsheets to Board.


District Vice Presidents gave their verbal reports.


Appointed Chairs gave their reports.


Convention Treasurer Ruth Blackwell reported on the convention finances, reporting on issues with the Program Book advertising. Past President Pappa also indicated that the quality of advertising graphics was a serious issue and good quality material was needed.


Convention Treasurer Blackwell stated that it was too early to determine surplus, but that it would be at least $3,000 less than last year. 


MOTION 2454609-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the 10% reserve be waived. Passed.


National Secretary Brown stopped by to say goodbye, thanked everyone for their wonderful hospitality.


Discussion of Convention Treasurer position, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell volunteered to do both.


MOTION 2454609-05 Second Vice President Carter reminded the Board that the Alzheimer's Fund has a separate Treasurer. President Stewart appointed District Vice President Colleen Welch Alzheimer's Fund Treasurer. The Board concurred unanimously by acclamation.


President Stewart stated that he was delighted with the convention. He indicated that John Ventura did a fantastic job and has agreed to stay on as Convention Chair.


MOTION 2454609-06 by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to concur in the appointment of John Ventura. Passed.


The meeting recessed at 9:55 AM and reconvened at 10:17 AM.


The appointed chairs reports concluded with the report of ZIP Code Chair Margaret Pappa.


Convention Chair Ventura appointed the following 2009 Convention positions:


Assistant- Sylvia Ventura, Secretary-William Leatham, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Audit-Kenneth Carter, Commercial Ads-Don Stewart, Credentials, Sylvia Ventura,

Decorations-James Greene, Tickets & Seating-Anthony Torchia, Door Prizes-Sylvia Ventura and Margaret Pappa, Equipment David Blackwell, Greeters-Lucette Chizik, Hobby Show-Robert Shaw, Honor Guard & Parade of Banners-Harold Bartelt, Hospitality-Richard Gerber, Host Committee-Anthony Torchia,

Hotel Facilitator- Benjamin Pappa, Entertainment-James Greene, Program Book- Angel Almodovar, Raffle-Jane Lemley, Registration-Colleen Welch, Support-Robert Shaw, Utility-Jane Lemley.


Convention Chair John Ventura appointed Past President Benjamin Pappa as Event Chair.


There was discussion of Allocation of Convention Points


MOTION 2454609-07  by Past President Pappa for a total of 365. Unamimously approved.


MOTION 2454609-08  District Vice President Gerber, properly seconded, asked for two more convention points be awarded for the manager of the hospitality, so that he can attend meetings. This would result in a total of 367. Passed.


Federation Policies for 2008-2009 were addressed:


Fiscal Policy


MOTION 2454609-09  by Past President Pappa properly seconded, to strike out elected and insert Executive Board  members in paragraph D. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-10  by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to table furtherdiscussion on the Fiscal Policy until the Treasurer can rejoin us.


MOTION 2454609-101 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to approve Email voting as exist. Passed.


Legislative Policy:


MOTION 2454609-12  by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to accept as it presently exists. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-13  by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to return to the review of the Fiscal Policy.  Passed.


MOTION 2454609-14  by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to increase mileage rate increase to average of government rate and present rate, or 47 cents per mile.


MOTION 2454609-15 by District Vice President Shaw, properly seconded, to amended to 50 cents per mile by Shaw with permission of First Vice President Roepke.  Amendment failed.


Motion 2454609-14  passed. The new mileage rate is 47 cents per mile.


MOTION 2454609-16  by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to accept the  Fiscal Policy as amended. Passed.


Chapter Assistance Program:


MOTION 2454609-17  by Second Vice President Carter that any second Chapter Assistance  application from any chapter, if approved, be held until 30 days before end of fiscal year in order to allow more chapters to apply. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-18 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to accept the Chapter Assistance Policy as amended. Passed


Newsletter Publishing Policy:


MOTION 2454609-19  by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to accept the Newsletter Publishing Policy as written. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-20  by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, that we limit mailing to those without email capability. Failed.


The President opened discussion on the Budget. Second Vice President Carter reviewed the line items in detail. Passed on discussion, there was unanimous concurrence to increase the Convention line item to $11,000.


MOTION 2454609-21 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the budgets of District Vice Presidents be based on identical criteria of $100 per Chapter with a right to seek additional funding as needed. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-22 by District Vice President Welch to donate $50 to be used in Alzheimer's Drawing at the National Convention in September. Passed.


Adjustments were effected with unanimous consent to increase the National Convention Budget line item to $1,700 and zero out Federation Presidents meeting line item.


Past President Pappa suggested raise that the FEEA line item be increased to $200 and that the line item for Region III  be removed, as there is no meeting this year. He also recommended raising the Constitution and Bylaws line item to $1,200 to cover the printing costs.  


President Stewart suggested that we roll over $10,000 from prior years surplus.


President Steward announced a New Dues Withholding Contest and called upon Chair Beulah Greene, who described a contest within district, $50 prize and  2 $25 consolation prizes within each district, with all eligible for overall $200 Grand Prize. Contest will require that there be  5 entries per district for a district to be eligible to ensure a fair contest. She went on to explain the M-110 report, which shows percentage of chapters members on Dues Withholding. Total cost $1,400.


MOTION 2454609-23 by District Vice President Chizik, properly seconded to approve the proposed Dues Withholding Contest. Passed.


MOTION 2454609-24 by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to accept amended budget of $68,069.99 . Passed.


New Business


Review of a Chapter Roster spreadsheet developed by District Vice President Gerber that identifies which officer slots are vacant.


Second Vice President Kenneth Carter suggested increasing the balances of the Certificates of Deposit.


President Stewart requested that comments on the Strategic Plan be sent by 7/15/2008. 


A Moment of Silence was observed.


Adjournment was at 1:40 PM.




_____________________                                       _____________________

Donald E Stewart                                                              William H. Leatham

President                                                                         Secretary