January 26-27, 2012




The meeting was called to order at 1:01 PM by President Carter who led a moment of silent prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Vice President Jane Lemley. The Secretary called the roll of officers; District Vice President Richard Carroll was absent.

Executive Vice President (EVP) Kenneth Thomas introduced Convention General Chair John Ventura, Chapter 2364 President Marc Harris and Diana Leatham.

The Minutes of Last Board Meeting were presented by Secretary Leatham.

Motion 01 by District Vice President (DVP) Robert Lemley to approve the minutes, properly seconded. Passed

Motion 02 by Vice President (VP) Jane C. Lemley to approve the agenda with the right to amend as necessary, properly seconded. Passed

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave the Treasurer’s Report.

Motion 03 by DVP Sylvia Ventura to approve the Treasurer's report, properly seconded, Passed

A discussion on the Alzheimer's Chair budget followed.

Motion 04 by DVP Sylvia Ventura to raise the Alzheimer's Chair budget by $100.00, properly seconded, Passed

Discussion on Recruitment expenses followed.

Motion 05 by DVP Robert Lemley to increase Recruitment budget by $300.00, properly seconded, Passed.

Discussion then followed concerning Retention Program expenses. President Carter referred to an over budget condition of $855.28. Co-Chair Robert Lemley referred to the considerable extent of chapter issues, mentioning that the Committee had so far resolved all but one unavoidable Chapter closure, University Village. EVP Thomas indicated they drove over 5,000 miles to meet with over 2,000 members.

The Board Moved discussed the selection of a Parliamentarian. President Carter reported on attempts to find a Parliamentarian. Received contract from Certified Parliamentarian Timothy Wynn.

President Carter requested a motion to accept the Perfect Rules contract.

Motion 06 by DVP Robert Lemley to approve the Perfect Rules contract, properly seconded, Passed.

There followed a discussion on the Service line item, which is over budget presently.

President Carter mentioned that Service Officer John Ledman is being nominated for Service Officer of the Year Award at National.

Motion 07 by DVP Robert Lemley to increase the Service budget by $200.00, properly seconded, Passed.

The District 4 budget overage was reviewed DVP Shirley Honey indicated a need for additional funds above the overage to service the needs of her Chapters.

Motion 08 by Secretary Leatham to increase her budget by $ 500.00, properly seconded, Passed.

The Board revisited the Retention shortfall. President Carter requested a motion to increase the committee budget by $1,000.

Motion 09 by DVP Shirley Honey to increase the committee budget by $1000.00, properly seconded, Passed.

President Carter indicated that he would work with Retention to support their activities due to the serious extent of the problems faced.

Motion 10 by DVP Sylvia Ventura to accept Treasurer's report as amended, properly seconded, Passed.

President Carter reported on an issue with a Chapter whose President had suggested that members mis-identify recruits as active federal employees on new member applications in order to receive a bigger recruiting bonus. After the National Treasurer moved to withhold funds to that Chapter, this person has retracted that statement.

President Carter then called on Convention General Chair John Ventura to report on the 2012 NARFE Florida convention.

Mr. Ventura commenced by conducting the drawing for convention seating:

Dist. 1 drew the 7th place, Dist. 2, the 6th place, Dist. 3 8th place, Dist. 4 2nd place, Dist 5 drew 1st place, Dist. 6 5th place, Dist. 7 the 3rd place and Dist. 8 4th place.

Secretary Leatham inquired as to Minutes Committee points, which has been left off of the point system.

Motion 11 by DVP Robert Lemley to add the Minutes committee to the convention point system, properly seconded, Passed.

After discussion, the motion was amended by the maker to add staff by 2, with a total of 5 points to Secretary, properly seconded. Passed.

The proposed agenda for the Convention of 2012 was reviewed and corrections effected.

Chair Ventura reported that there would be a Training Session Tuesday May 8th, starting at 10:00 am. Members must attend all of the training sessions to be eligible for a free lunch. DVP Shirley Honey volunteered for registration for training.

The Hospitality Room will be managed by DVP Bruce Roggenkamp. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is sponsoring for one day.

The Hobby Show will be managed by DVP Pat Shaw.

Dave Blackwell is working on the exhibits.

There may be revisions to Parade of Banners procedures.

The Banquet will be preceded by the Memorial Service.

Recessed at 3:49 PM

Friday, January 27, 2012

Resumed at 8:31 AM

New Business was addressed.

Regional Vice President Don Stewart spoke on success of “Protect America's Heartbeat” campaign in increasing member activism by 22%. Focus is now on membership, recruitment and retention. Last increase was in 1999. Program suggested is what Chapters should have been doing for years. NARFE is an invaluable source of information. 4,138 losses in this year. Seeks 70% reinstatement.

The M&R program cost was almost totally covered by contributions.

The MGI plan on membership is being circulated. $396,000 is funding recruiting, and $100,000 on reinstatement.

EVP Kenneth Thomas passed out an analysis of troubled chapters, 14 chapters in all. One chapter president has been in office 12 years, holding just 2 meetings a year. One chapter president held 7 offices. Problem is of succession planning. 5 chapters have recovered, 2 are in the process of recovering. 2 chapters haven't met in 2-3 years.

VP Jane Lemley is working with John E Byrd Alzheimer’s Center. They are planning a NARFE Appreciation Day sometime in March/April to have tour of facility and speech by Dr. Morgan for NARFE members. They will include a box lunch.

Secretary Leatham reported on the work of the NARFE Information Technology Advisory Committee and the Configuration Advisory Board.

Treasurer Blackwell commented on Convention bookings so far.

DVP Patricia Shaw- expressed her concerns about convention forms with mis- spellings, etc. President Carter requested DVP Pat Shaw and John Ventura work on this project.

DVP Larry Reeves reported Congressman Daniel Webster was speaking at his Chapter meeting in April.

DVP Shirley Honey stated that the Lakewood Chapter is doing very well, Titusville is no longer having any meetings, 609 has a new President, but is having problems with officer succession.

DVP Robert Lemley stated that Retention has been a big job thanked EVP Kenneth Thomas for his help. Mr. Lemley is working recruitment events at Senior Fests handed out 25 applications at State Fairgrounds alone, getting between 50-60 visitors to the NARFE booth.

DVP Bruce Roggenkamp indicated there are very big discrepancies between chapters in how they operate. EVP Kenneth Thomas has helped recruit officers. Chapter Officers want training.

DVP Angel Almodovar reported that his district has three known problem chapters, one threatening to close. EVP Thomas was able to step in with DVP Lemley and the Retention Committee, averting the closing.

Recessed 9:45 AM

Resumed 10:02 AM

DVP Sylvia Ventura explained the dispute between the Lemon Bay and 717 Chapters. Lemon Bay now has recruited three people to serve as officers. She thanked Messrs. Greens and Lemley for helping the Naples Chapter, which is now healthy.

Marc Harris, President of the Florida eChapter reported that its doing well; it is the second fastest growing chapter, after the National eChapter. He has a survey as to why people joined it on the website... NARFE IT developed a mirror image of the website for recruiting to have something to show prospects. He has created recruiting and retention brochures for eNARFE.

He requested that recruiters mention eNarfe as option when recruiting.

He has been using the NARFE eBlast capability that is now built into the new F7 and on line reports. We can now send emails from online reports to new members.

Mr. Harris is training chapters on setting up new websites using National's web hosting.

President Carter reminded all that the next meeting, just before the convention is limited to budgeting, followed by one after convention with the new officers.

Adjourned at 10:41 AM

Kenneth A. Carter

William H. Leatham

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