Friday, January 8, 2010





2:02 pm Ė President Roepke called the meeting to order then followed with a Moment of Silent Prayer.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Executive Vice President Carter. The Secretary called the roll of elected officers.

President Roepke swore in Lynne C. Isaacs as District Vice President for District 4.

Motion 2455205-001 by Past President Stewart, properly seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Last Meetings. Passed.

Secretary Leatham read the resignation letters of Vice President Richard Gerber and District Vice President Colleen Welch.

 The Treasurer's Report was presented by Treasurer Blackwell, who went on to discuss the per capita tax mailing.  She has started to receive payments.

Motion 2455205-002 by  District Vice President Carroll, properly seconded,  to approve the Agenda  with the right to effect changes as necessary for the conduct of business. Passed

Treasurer Blackwell presented a review of the current budget vs. actual expenses. She requested that Executive Board members use the on line forms to complete expense reports.

Motion 2455205-003 by District Vice President Shannon, properly seconded, to increase meeting advance funding for the combined District 3/4 meeting by $200 to $500. Executive Vice President Carter spoke in support . Passed.

Past President Stewart offered to reduce his budget by $100.

Appointed Chairs presented verbal supplemental reports to previously submitted written reports.

 Coalition Chair Herb Sicular reported still trying to get some coalescing. Retention Co-Chair Robert Lemley reviewed successes of the retention program. Service Officer Ledman discussed the Service Manual.  Public Relations Chair Marc Harris offered to put together a PR plan, indicating that he needs a small committee to help and reported that NARFE national is now adopting idea of advertising at Spring Training and wants Florida to get on Board. He offered to help Training initiatives. District Vice President Jane Lemley reported that her District has a March 14 spring training initiative.

A review of the Federation board meeting via Go-To-Meeting by Secretary Leatham followed.

The issue of an Electronic Newsletter was raised by President Roepke. He asked if Marc Harris would edit an electronic blog. He queried the board as to which course to pursue, paper or electronic. The Board unanimously chose electronic publishing.

Motion 2455205-004 by Past President Stewart, properly seconded, that a committee be formed to publish electronic news letters.  Passed. President Roepke named District Vice President Shaw as Chair of this committee with Public Relations Chair Harris, District Vice President Torchia, and Secretary Leatham.

Meeting recessed at  3:33, resumed at 3:51 PM.

Convention Voting Procedures were discussed.

The Secretary reported on the incorporation of the Federation and discussed filing requirements, as well as the need for a name change. A discussion of advantages of incorporation for Chapters followed.

Convention Chair John Ventura distributed Convention Points Allocation by Convention Chair:

Dist 6, 2; Dist 8, 1; Dist 7, 10; Dist 1, 7; Dist 2, 11; Dist 3, 5; Dist 4, 4; Dist 5, 9; Dist 11, 3; Dist 10, 8; Dist 9, 6.

Chair Ventura questioned whether  we need points for those soliciting bids for convention sites.

A discussion of convention points for soliciting advertisers, when some advertisers used forms from website followed.

President Roepke inquired whether there was any interest in reviving the Unified Dues proposal. No interest was expressed.

He also inquired about interest in Convention Resolutions for a 2 year term for officers, a biennial convention or in recycling the referendum. No interest was expressed.

President Roepke gave an opportunity for any candidate for elected office to present their position on NARFE/Federation issues.

Executive Vice President Carter stated why he is running for Federation President. He believes in training via District meetings. District Vice President Shaw stated that he is seeking the Executive Vice Presidency on a platform based using of otherís experience, and being a listener.  District Vice President Lemley stated that she is seeking the Vice Presidency and distributed her resume. Her focus is on recruitment and retention.  The Secretary and Treasurer indicated that they would both seek additional terms.

Alzheimerís Chair Leonora Sicular reported that there is a need for a new Alzheimersí Fund Treasurer. District Vice President Isaacs will research with Colleen Welch.

Adjourned at 5:00 PM.  An Open Forum will follow tomorrow.

The Open Forum was  called to order at 9:10 AM  January 9th by President Roepke. Topics raised were:

Discussion of GoToMeeting.

Discussion of dealing with chapters in distress. President assured DVPís that funds were available as needed to assist Chapters.

Discussion on Retention, working to recover lapsed members.

Newsletters, value of and importance.

A tribute to Past Federation President Guy Haviland by President Roepke.

The Open Forum closed at 11:00 AM with moment of silence led by President Roepke.




Wallace W. Roepke




William H. Leatham

Federation Secretary


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