Minutes of Executive Board Meeting
May 7, 2010




Chaplain Maude Henderson gave the Invocation. Vice President Jane Lemley led the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Carter installed District Vice Presidents Isaacs and Shannon.

Executive Vice President Shaw introduced attendees: John Ventura, James Greene, Beulah Greene, Antoinette Mahig, Betty and Larry Saunders , Benjamin and Margaret Pappa, Marc Harris, Herbert and Leonora Sicular, Donald Stewart, Lloyd Pearson, Diana Leatham.

Treasurerís Report-Ruth Blackwell, presented the balance sheet and President Carter explained the line items. The Treasurerís Report was unanimously accepted.

Motion 2455324-01 to approve the agenda with the right to modify as needed by District Vice President Chizik. Passed.

Motion 2455324-02 to approve the proposed Standing Committee appointments by District Vice President Ventura. Passed.

Discussion of the 2011 Convention followed. Convention Chair John Ventura discussed proposed appointments.

There was a discussion of adding a newsletter contest to Convention activities.

New Business was discussed:

The Budget was reviewed by line item by the Treasurer. The Secretary explained line item amount for automation. Richard Carroll requested that more copies of the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws be distributed.

Motion 2455324-03 District Vice President Carroll moved that 400 books be printed. Passed.

Dues Withholding Beulah Greene Chair needs$ 75 to cover expenses.
Motion 2455324-04 District Vice President Carroll moved that a $75 line item be added to the budget for Dues Withholding. Passed.

Discussion of storage locker expense.

Motion 2455324-05 The 2010/2011 Budget as amended was adopted by unanimous consent.

Motion 2455324-06 by Executive Vice President Shaw to continue the 2009/2010 Fiscal Policy unchanged. Passed.

There was a discussion on the electronic newsletter..

Pres Carter extended life of the newsletter committee and requested complete report by February.

Recessed at 10:29 AM. Resumed at 10:41 AM

President Carter indicated that the October Board meeting will be electronic. Not too much on agenda, will serve as a further test of GoToMeeting.

District Vice Presidents gave comments.

There was a discussion about re-aligning districts. President Carter appointed a committee to review and recommend district composition: Kenneth Thomas , Robert Lemley, Margaret Pappa, William Leatham to review district assignments and report their suggestions by February to the board.

Treasurer Blackwell suggested that districts ask for advance money for district meetings well in advance. It makes people cognizant of budgets limits.

Appointed chairs made comments.

Beulah Greene: need to have every DVP get their chapters involved. Jim Greene: Bob and I are here to help you, call if need help. Ed Fleck described how he works with chapters for senior events.

Pres may work with Ed Fleck to record a DVD about why join NARFE and set up a Chapter at Good Samaritan.

Motion 2455324-07 by Treasurer Blackwell that the Alzheimer Cruise proceeds be donated to the Chicago committee. Passed.

The meeting concluded at 11:53 AM

_______________________                                         ___________________
Kenneth A. Carter                                                             William H. Leatham
President Secretary

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