Executive Board

Minutes of Electronic Meeting

December 14, 2009



The meeting came to order at 7:10 PM. Because of technical issues on the part of some users, there was a brief familiarization period.

The Secretary called the roll. Attending were: President Roepke, Executive Vice President Carter, Federation Secretary Leatham, Federation Treasure Blackwell, Immediate Past President Stewart, District Vice Presidents Lemley, Almodovar, Ventura, and Bowman. Also attending was Past President Pappa.

President Roepke raised the issue of the desirability of advancing the February 2010 meeting to an earlier point in time that would permit the Executive Board to adopt Constitution and By Laws proposals within the time frames allotted. Past President Stewart indicated that the meeting could be rescheduled for several different dates.

Motion 2455179-01: After all attending consulted their calendars and compared them to hotel availability, the Secretary called the roll, and was decided unanimously to move the February meeting to January 8/9, 2010 starting at 2 PM.

The issue of shortening the Federation in light of its incorporation was raised. After input by the Treasurer, President Roepke asked the Secretary to explain the issue. The Secretary displayed a list of six name alternatives that had been cleared by National Secretary Brown.

Motion 2455179-02: It was unanimously agreed by attendees to propose a convention resolution to change the name of the Federation to "NARFE Florida Federation of Chapters, Inc.".

President Roepke raised the desirability to change to both biennial conventions and revise the officers' term to two years with a two year term limit for President. There was extensive discussion, but no action was taken. President tabled the matter to further discussion at the forthcoming meeting.

Motion 2455179-03 by District Vice President Ventura, properly seconded, to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 after a brief discussion of sound and feed back issues.

_______________________                                                                                         ___________________
Wallace W. Roepke                                                                                                             William H. Leatham
President                                                                                                                                 Secretary

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