Executive Board

Minutes of Meeting

October 23, 2009



The meeting was called to order at 1:01 PM by President Wallace W. Roepke who then led a moment of silent prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Richard Gerber.

The Roll Call of Officers was called by Secretary William H. Leatham. All elected members were present, except for District Vice President Lucette Chizik, who was represented by Barbara Hatfield. Appointed Chairs Diana M. Leatham-Automation, John Ventura-Convention Chair, Beulah H. Greene-Dues Withholding Chair, Nancy Roepke-FEEA Coordinator, H. Lance Jones-Legislation Chair, Frances Maestas-NARFE-PAC Chair, Edward E. Fleck-Recruiting Chair, James Greene-Retention Chair, Robert E. Lemley-Retention C0-Chair,Jacob Maestas-Training Officer and Margaret L. Pappa-ZIPCode Chair were also present.

The Minutes of Last Meeting were presented by the Secretary.

Vice President Gerber introduced the new Service Manual prepared by Service Officer John Ledman and distributed copies to all District Vice Presidents for distribution to their chapters.

Motion 2455128-01 by Executive Vice President Kenneth Carter, properly seconded, that the minutes be approved as written. Passed.

The Treasurer's Report was given by Treasurer Ruth Blackwell.

Motion 2455128-02 by District Vice President Robert Shaw, properly seconded, to approve the agenda with the right to make changes, if necessary. Passed.

The Treasurer introduced and discussed the budget.

District Vice Presidents Shannon and Mahig made inquiries as to funds availability, if needed.

Short verbal reports of Appointed Officers were given to supplement their written reports.

Automation Chair Leatham stressed the importance of Board members having permanent e-mail addresses from a quality provider. Convention Chair John Ventura requested Vice Chairs information from District Vice Presidents. Zip CodeMargaret Pappa distributed Zip Code updates. DML Legislation Chair Lance Jones urged adoption of conferencing. Retention Chair Jim Greene thanked Anthony Torchia, Donald Stewart, and Charles Shannon for saving chapters. FEEA Coordinator Nancy Roepke announced that Hannah Needleman was the FEEA scholarship winner from Florida. NARFE-PAC Chair Frances Maestas recapped NARFE-PAC handouts. Training Officer Jake Maestas introduced himself. Recruiting Chair Ed Fleck reported that he was working with District Vice Presidents and Chapters to cover recruiting events, reporting that Felicia Bradley of Chapter 1140 was doing a raffle with a cruise as a prize for new member recruiting.

District Vice President Jane Lemley recalled that there should have been a raffle drawing for program book ads and table sales solicitations. Past President Donald Stewart will review.

The Secretary and Automation Chair Leatham reported on tele-conferencing with added remarks by Executive Vice President Carter and National Region III Vice President Robert Harrell in support. Mr. Harrell indicated that National was implementing such conferencing and expected to use it for their February meeting. The cost would be approximately $1,000. Past President Stewart indicated that if he could do it, anyone can.

Motion 2455128-03 President Roepke asked for a consensus as to whether the Federation should move into 21st century. There was unanimous support for adopting conferencing.

President Roepke inquired whether any changes were needed to existing policies. None were requested. He then introduced the ZIPCode Policy drafted by Chair Pappa, who presented a draft policy.

MOTION 2455128-04 by District Vice President Lemley, properly seconded, moved that the ZIPCode draft policy be adopted as presented. Passed.

New Business

President Roepke suggested removing the per capita tax in order to support the Unified Dues Referendum, if passed.

Motion 2455128-05 Executive Vice President Carter, properly seconded, moved that the per capita tax be set at 40 cents per taxable member.

President Roepke transferred the gavel to Vice President Gerber in order to speak and spoke against the motion.

Motion 2455128-06 by President Roepke, properly seconded, that the motion 2455128 be amended to set the per capita tax at 80 cents per taxable member, but that it be reset to zero if the Dues Referendum passes.

The amendment passed.

Motion 2455128-05 passed as amended.

Vice President Gerber returned the gavel to President Roepke.

Recessed at 2:28
Resumed at 3:02

Pres. Roepke displayed the gavel presented to him that had been used by past National President Steve Morrissey.

The Secretary addressed the concept of incorporating the Federation and recommended that it be done.

Motion 2455128-07 Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, moved that the Florida Federation incorporate. Passed.

Convention Chair John Ventura mentioned that he needs a Tuesday Night Chair and prize gift cards, etc. He also needs a property chair. District Vice President Torchia volunteered for the post of Utility Chair.

President Roepke raised the issue of the appointment of a Parliamentarian for the Convention. He was aware of two candidates; Mrs. Meadors, wife of a NARFE member from the Miami area who only sought expenses or an Orlando parliamentarian, Rachel Mudge Veitch, who quoted $600 for the two days.

Motion 2455128-08 by District Vice President Sharon Lee Bowman, properly seconded, moved the appointment of Mrs. Meadors. Passed.

Motion 2455128-09 District Vice President Sharon Bowman moved reconsideration , properly seconded, based on new information. Passed.

Motion 2455128-10 by District Vice President Sylvia Ventura, properly seconded, moved the selection of Mrs. Rachel Mudge Veitch to be parliamentarian. Passed.

Secretary Leatham presented draft convention resolution to create the position of Counselor Emeritus for any Past National President resident in Florida and add a Training Officer position overseen by the Executive Vice President.

Motion 2455128-11 by District Vice President Robert Shaw, properly seconded, to approve the portion relating to the Counselor Emeritus. Passed.

Motion 2455128-12 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, to approve the portion relating to creation of a Training Officer. Passed.

Motion 2455128-13 by Immediate Past President Donald Stewart, properly seconded, that the portion relating to the oversight of the Training Officer by the Executive Vice President be approved.

The draft resolution was adopted.

Past President Stewart reported that the contract for February Board meeting was signed.

Past President Benjamin Pappa agreed to manage the Bingo event at the convention.

ZIPCode Chair Margaret Pappa will buy more NARFE logo patches.

Vice President Richard Gerber reviewed District Meetings.

Legislative Chair H. Lance Jones gave a presentation on the 2009-2010 Legislation program.

President Roepke thanked all appointed officers for all that they are doing.

President Roepke led in a silent prayer

President Roepke declared the meeting adjourned at 4:49 PM

________________                                                                                                                _______ ___________________
Wallace W. Roepke                                                                                                                     William H. Leatham
President                                                                                                                                             Secretary

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