Executive Board

Minutes of Meeting

15 May 2009



09:02 a.m. Meeting called to order by President Roepke The Invocation was given by Chaplain Henderson. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Gerber. The Roll Call of Elected Officers was conducted by Secretary Leatham. All elected officers were present, however, the post of District 10 Vice President was vacant.

The Minutes of the 12 May 2009 meeting were presented by the Secretary. There being no corrections nor comments, the minutes were declared approved by President Roepke.

Treasurer Blackwell gave a brief verbal report

Motion 2454966-01 by Past President Stewart, properly seconded, to approve the agenda with right to modify as needed. Passed.

President Roepke presented his nominations for appointed chairs:

Alzheimer's Treasurer COLLEEN WELCH
Automation Chair DIANA M LEATHAM
Coalition Coordinator HERBERT H SICULAR
Chapter Assistance Program Chair DAVID L WHALEN
Convention Treasurer RUTH W BLACKWELL
Convention Chairman JOHN VENTURA
Dues Withholding Chair BEULAH H GREENE
Legislative Chair HAROLD LANCE JONES
Public Relations Chair MARC A HARRIS
Recruiting Chair EDWARD E FLECK
Retention Chair JAMES GREENE
Retention Co-Chair ROBERT E LEMLEY
Service Officer JOHN R LEDMAN
Training Officer JACOB MAESTAS

There was unanimous concurrence with these appointments.

Convention Chair Ventura presented and reviewed proposed convention points

President Roepke stated that the next Executive Board Meeting will be October 23/24 and requested reports be distributed electronically by October 13.

Motion 2454966-02 by Treasurer Blackwell, properly seconded, that next year's convention continue with same format as this year due to favorable reports. Passed.

Secretary Leatham presented the 2008-2009 policies and recommended that the E-Mail Policy, Newsletter Procedure and Legislative Policy be re-adopted.

Motion 2454966-03 by District Vice President Shaw, properly seconded, that the Board re-adopt these policies for the upcoming fiscal year.

Motion 2454966-04 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, that the Fiscal Policy be amended to restrict mileage allowances for Past Presidents attending conventions to be calculated from where they entered Florida to the convention site. After discussion, the motion was amended, with Secretary Leatham's concurrence, to conform to National's policy, that mileage be calculated from the Past President's last residence of record in Florida to the convention site. Passed.

The Treasurer presented the Florida Federation draft budget for 2009-2010.

Past President Stewart urged all to get their vouchers to the Treasurer by May 31, so as to close out the year.

The Secretary raised the issue of campaign candidate statements. President Roepke indicated that the policy will be that once the Secretary receives a nomination, the candidate may post a biography on the Federation website and have it broadcast once it has been approved. The President will review and approve such statements.

Alzheimerís Reports may continue to be broadcast without prior approval. All other broadcasts will be sent after being approved by the President.

Recessed at 9:49 and resumed at 10:13 AM.

On the issue of the National Dues Referendum, President Roepke suggested that we may end the per capita tax if passed. There is a need to brief Chapters and members on this proposal. There was a discussion on what might be the final form of this resolution.

Appointed Officers gave their verbal reports.

Automation Chair Diana Leatham reported that we are at a nexus point, and canít continue managing the email system as at present. We need to decide upon whether we wish to upgrade or step back a pace. We can have a modern web site with enhanced features, such as virtual meeting rooms, chat rooms, and an efficient e-mail bulletin system. The estimated cost would be between $400-500 and would be installed as individual modules

President Roepke inquired as to whether we can have a specific secure chat room. She answered, "yes".

Discussion followed.

Motion 2454966-05 by Executive Vice President Carter, properly seconded, to authorize necessary funds not to exceed to $500 to upgrade our website.

Motion 2454966-06 by District Vice President Colleen Welch, properly seconded to increase the amount to $2,000. Passed.

Motion 2454966-05 passed as amended

The concept of email meetings was tabled.

President Roepke appointed Lucette Chizik to serve as District 10 Vice President, as provided in Article XI of the Federation By Laws.

Motion 2454966-07 President Roepke stated that it was his desire to create a new Counselor Emeritus for any Past National President who is a voting member of a Florida Chapter. Frank Atwater would be the only qualified person presently. The position would be unfunded.
Unanimous Concurrence by the Board.

President Roepke stated that it was his desire to have a Training Officer with the Executive Vice President as oversight officer, which will require a By Laws change to effect.

Motion 2454966-08 by Executive Vice President Carter, properly seconded, to direct the Federation Secretary to draft a by laws resolution to that effect for the 2010 convention, with an interim training officer appointed by President. Passed.

Region III Vice President Harrell reported that National developed a Leadership Training Program without funding, and has many PowerPoint programs available that may help training officer. He distributed information on the Regional Training Conference.

Recessed 11:09. Resumed: 11:24 AM.

Motion 2454966-09 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, that the Zip Code Chair be directed to present at our October board meeting suggestions for new District alignments to take effect in the next fiscal year that would allocate Chapters to Districts more equitably with a view to achieve a ten to one ratio of Chapters to Districts, but allow for the needs of widespread areas, such as the present Districts 1 and 7.


Motion failed.

Treasurer Blackwell presented the 2009-2010 Budget, explained how it was derived and addressed line item issues. She suggested a $7000 Chapter Assistance Program budget.

There was a general expression of thanks to the Treasurer.

Executive Vice President Carter explained that financial resources are adequate for the budget. We know that we have funds available for training, etc., if needed. He suggested that we transfer surplus funds into Certificate of Deposits.

Motion 2454966-10 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, that the that the budget be accepted as amended. Passed.

The next Executive Board meeting will be October 23-24, 2010.

Past President Stewart agreed to fill in as Interim Hotel Facilitator, if needed.

Break at 12:05 PM to 12:23 PM to resolve scheduling of February Executive Board Meeting with the hotel.

The dates for the February meeting are February 12 to 13, 2010. The meeting will commence 1:00 PM on the 12th and end by 1:00 PM on the 13th.

The meeting was declared adjourned at 12:24 PM.

_______________________                                                                 ___________________
Wallace W. Roepke                                                                                     William H. Leatham
President                                                                                                         Secretary

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