Executive Board

Minutes of Meeting

FEBRUARY 20 - 21, 2009



Called to Order at 1:30 PM by President Stewart, who led a moment of silent prayer. Vice President Carter led the Pledge of Allegiance. Executive Vice President Wallace Roepke introduced guests. Secretary William Leatham called the roll of officers; District Vice President Bartelt was absent. The appointed chairs roll call followed; Appointed Chairs Leonora J. Sicular (Alzheimer's), Colleen Welch (Alz. Treasurer), Herbert Sicular (Coalition Coordinator), John Ventura (2009 Convention Chair), Ruth W. Blackwell (Conv. Treasurer), Nancy Roepke (FEEA), David L. Whalen (Chapter Assistance), Beulah Greene (Dues Withholding), James Greene (Retention), Treva Devers (Legislation), Marc A. Harris (Public Relations), and Margaret Pappa (Zip Code) were present.

Secretary William Leatham read NARFE-PAC Chair Wasson’s resignation.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell reported that finances were in fine shape and reviewed the list of Chapters that did not pay their assessments. 

Motion  2454882-01 by District Vice President Torchia, properly seconded, to include appointed officers presentation on the agenda. Passed.

 The Minutes of the Last Meeting were presented by Secretary William Leatham

 Motion 2454882-02 by District Vice President Shaw, properly seconded, to accept the minutes as written. Passed.

 Officer Reports were  submitted electronically

 Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular and Past President Pappa explained how funds that we raise are distributed to Alzheimer's research projects.

Chapter Assistance Program Chair Past President David Whalen reported that one proposal (2nd proposal from same chapter) was sitting in limbo to see if funds will be available. After a discussion, it was determined that balances need to be reconciled between the Treasurer and Chair.

Legislation Chair Treva Devers will try for a training session during the convention if time is available

Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa distributed the updates to the ZIP CODE Report.

General Convention Chair John Ventura distributed Convention Points assignment forms. This was followed by a drawing for convention seating assignments by Districts. The order drawn was: Dist 8, 3, 4, 1, 7, 10, 11, 5, 2, 9.

Alzheimer’s Cruise Chair Past President Pappa  reported that there were 78 participants, all reporting a positive experience. The proceeds of $5,545 were available to donate to Alzheimer's funding. He reported that next year’s planning has started.

Motion 2454882-03 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to dedicate these proceeds to Alzheimer's research.  Passed.

The meeting recessed at 2:27 and resumed at 2:40 PM.

NARFE Region III Vice President Harrell stated that he was impressed with the enthusiasm displayed at District meetings

The importance of complying with IRS Filing Requirements were raised by Treasurer Blackwell and Region III VP Harrell, who urged that the Chapter President or Treasurer report to Treasurer Blackwell when they filed their 990N e-postcard and provide the Federation Treasurer with the Chapter's ID and password.  

This was followed by a discussion on the 2008/2009 Budget led by Treasurer Blackwell. The discussion was put on hold until a further budget presentation to follow.

The Secretary made a presentation on monetizing the web site. There were many questions, but little interest expressed in the concept.

The meeting recessed at 3:50 PM and resumed at 4:06 PM.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell and Past President Pappa led a budget presentation with the aid of a projector. Suggested revisions were presented on screen and reviewed. The overall 2008-2009 Total Budget remained at its original amount, however, funds were transferred from overfunded accounts into accounts needing additional funding.

Recessed at 4:48 and reconvened at 7:02 PM.

Motion 2454882-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded to establish an additional line item in the budget for the Coalition Chair. Passed.

Mr. Pappa suggested the transfer of $200 from District Meetings to the Coalition Chair line item. General concurrence.

Motion 2454882-05  by DVP Greene, properly seconded to transfer $800 into Chapter Assistance Program because $800 was paid from this year for last year’s applications.

Secretary Leatham proposed amending DVP Greene's motion to raise this year's annual budget cap for Chapter Assistance to $5,800 with DVP Greene’s approval. Passed.

Motion 2454882-06 by Treasurer Blackwell to approve the motion as amended. Passed.

Motion 2454882-07 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to accept the amended budget. Passed.

Discussion of Roll Call voting procedures by Secretary Leatham

Executive Vice President Roepke and Region III VP Harrell discussed the NARFE Premier FCU Chapter/Federation banking option. They will have representatives here at the convention.

There was a discussion of CD rates and renewal dates.

There was no unfinished business.

New business:

Motion 2454882-08 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to adjust the fiscal policy to strike out "$0.47"  in Section 1, article a and insert "$0.40" and to add a new sentence following the word "reimbursable" to read "Should the retail price of regular gas reach $3.00 per gallon, mileage rate will increase to $0.44 per mile, and should the retail price of gasoline reach $4.00 per gallon, mileage rate will increase to $0.47 per mile."

Discussion followed. The motion failed.

Motion 2454882-09  by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to readdress section 4 C of Fiscal Policy to discuss overage of the District 3/4 combined meeting. Passed.

Then DVP Welch reported $1,151 expenses $300 advance from Fed, with net $267.40 shortfall after attendees contributions.

President Stewart asked for details in order for him to seek recovery of the added costs.

Motion 2454882-10  by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, to allow a one time exception to permit the  payment of $267.40. Passed.

Past President David Whalen gave a quick recap on the strategic plan.

District Vice Presidents reported action on their District's implementation of the strategic plan. President Stewart suggested that District Vice Presidents as a group pick what they see as the top 3 suggestions for next Board electronically. Chair Whelan will assist. Jim Greene reported one of his Chapters tried a night meeting, 26 attendees, six new members. Suggested each District  adopt one or two suggestions.

President Stewart displayed copy of a Missouri newsletter. Questioned whether broad distribution newsletter be similarly achieved in Florida.  Marc Harris mentioned difficulties in getting content.

Discussion on Program Book Ads Contest. We have room for 20 tables.

Motion 2454882-11 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, a “Commercial Non-Member Ad” incentive program be approved that would reward either a chapter or person for a ½ or full inside page, black & white for the 2009 convention program book.  The ad must come to conclusion and funds received, after which the chapter or person’s name will be placed into a hopper.  At the 2009 convention, a name will be drawn, and a first place prize of $100.00, and second place prize of $50.00 will be awarded. Multiple ads will generate multiple entries for either the chapter or person. Passed.

Announcements of Intentions to Run for Office – 2009-2010

DVP 11 James Greene dropping out to focus on Retention, DVP 10 Lucette Chizik will not be running, DVP 9 Gerber will be running for VP, DVP 8 Ventura will be running. Districts 7,6, 5, 4 Vice Presidents indicated that they were likely to run again. DVP 3 Shannon will not. DVP 2 Bartelt -absent. Past President Pappa indicated that he may seek the Region III Vice President post at the next National convention. Treasurer Blackwell indicated that she would seek reelection, as did the Secretary. Vice President Carter expressed an interest in the Executive Vice Presidential position. Executive Vice President Roepke indicated that he would seek the Presidency. Legislative Chair Devers stated that she would seek the Presidency.

Region III Vice President thanked everyone for their hospitality. He stated that he would be absent tomorrow and reminded the audience of the Regional Training Seminar to be held October 4th through 6th in Columbus, GA.

Recessed at 8:47 PM.

Saturday, 21 February:

Reconvened  at 8:00 AM.

President Stewart reported that Missouri Federation gets free newsletter publishing in their deal with their printer, no issue with privacy. He will try to find out who the publisher is. Marc Harris asked copy of privacy agreement.

 Strategic Plan review.

 8:23 recessed for off the record review of Strategic Plan and implementation.

 8:40 Reconvened

Motion 2454883-01 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to accept the Strategic Plan as an official plan of action of FLFED.

Motion 2454883-02 by Executive Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, called the question. Failed.

8:50  Recessed for off the record discussion. 

Recalled at 8:55

Motion 2454883-01  failed.

Recessed at 8:57 to continue discussion of the Strategic Plan.

9:15 Recalled to order.

Motion 2454883-03 by Vice President Carter that the Vice President maintain a manual for new and existing District Vice Presidents and provide training to new District Vice Presidents.

Motion 2454883-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to call the question. Passed.

Motion 2454883-03 passed.

9:22 AM Recessed for further discussion.

Reconvened at 10:02 AM

President Stewart requested reports by March 22nd on progress on Strategic Plan Implementation and  Best Practices Reports.

District Vice President Shaw reported that Chapter 1405 was celebrating their 35th anniversary.

President Stewart concluded by leading a Moment of Silence

 Adjourned at 10:04 AM.





_______________________                                             ____________________

Donald E Stewart                                                              William H. Leatham

President                                                                         Secretary



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