May 21, 2008

Preliminary Ceremonies:

08:21 A.M. Called to Order by Convention Chair John Ventura

This was followed by the Parade of Banners, the Posting of Colors by Lake Brantley HS JROTC, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Chair Harold Bartelt.                   

President Stewart led in a moment of silence.                   

The Keynote Address was given by National Secretary Nathaniel L. Brown.

Business Meeting:

The business agenda commenced at 9:08 AM with a Call to Order by President Stewart. He called upon Second Vice President Treva Devers to introduce the distinguished guests: National Secretary Nathaniel Brown, Region III Vice President Robert Harrell,  Director of Retirement Benefits, David Snell, Past National President Frank Atwater, Past National Treasurer Mike Hoyman, Past Region II Vice President Sam Girson, Candidate for National Office Richard Strombotne, Past Federation Presidents Ann Murray, Guy Haviland, David Whalen, and Benjamin Pappa.

The Executive Board Roll Call was conducted by Secretary William Leatham. All were present.

President Donald Stewart gave opening remarks focusing on lobbying efforts at the Chapter level, and working with other senior citizen organizations on shared issues.

President Stewart reappointed Harold Bartelt as Convention Minutes Committee Chair.

Credentials Committee Chair Robert M. Miller gave a Preliminary Report:                            

Credentials Voting Strength 649, Proxy 46, Executive Board 17, Past Presidents 3, Total 715. A quorum was attained.

Attendance Report: Executive Board 17, Past Presidents 3, delegates 206, alternates 4, guests 20, Total 250.

The Rules Committee Chair Tom Mayo gave its Report, introducing members of his committee, and presented the proposed rules.               

MOTION 2008-01 The Chair recommended adoption as written. (A motion by a Standing Committee does not require a second).

MOTION 2008-02 Past President Pappa: That on Rule 6: strike out “first speaker” and insert “maker of resolution or motion”, seconded.

MOTION 2008-03 The Question was called by Equipment Chair David Blackwell, properly seconded.  Passed.

Motion 2008-01 to adopt the Rules of the Convention as amended passed.

MOTION 2008-04 by Robert Miller, Chapter 242:  A call to move a previous question shall be called out of order if anyone wishes to speak.  Motion failed

The Committee was dismissed by President Stewart.

MOTION 2008-05 By Angel Almodovar, properly seconded to adopt the draft Convention agenda.

MOTION 2008-06 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to amend the motion to permit adjustments to the Agenda, as necessary.  Motion passed. Amended motion passed.

Minutes Committee Chair Harold Bartelt explained the work of Minutes Committee.

Motion 2008-07 By Chair Bartelt moved that the Minutes  of the 2007 Convention be accepted as written(no second required). Passed.

Secretary William Leatham read a thank you note from Tidewell Hospice for the donation in memory of Past National President Steve Morrissey

Elected officers gave their reports.

President Stewart stated that all appointed officers were staying on.

MOTION 2008-08: President Stewart reported that the Alzheimer’s Fund and Federation audits were performed by Past Federation Treasurer Larry Saunders. Chair Saunders moved that the audits be accepted (no second required).  Passed.

Convention recessed at 10:25 A.M.

Convention reconvened at 10:46 A.M. with the Standing Committee Reports:

President Stewart will resume committee reports tomorrow morning.

The convention recessed at 11:58 A.M.

Called to order at 1:33 PM

President Stewart called on Formal Resolutions Chair Ann S. Murray, who presented the following formal resolutions:

MOTION 2008-09: A Formal Resolution honoring the late H. T. (Steve) Morrissey for his services to the nation, and to NARFE. Passed unanimously. The Resolution was accepted by First Vice President Roepke on behalf of Shirley Morrissey.

MOTION 2008-10: Formal Resolution honoring the late Mary Ellen Schoolmaster for her services to the Federation and NARFE.  The Resolution was accepted by Ms. Schoolmaster’s daughter.

MOTION 2008-11: Formal Resolution honoring the late Sharon L. Sharp for her services to the Federation, NARFE, and the nation.  President Stewart asked that it be approved by unanimous acclamation. Passed unanimously.  The Resolution was accepted by Elizabeth Welebob on behalf of Sharon Sharp’s god-daughter.

MOTION 2008-12: Formal Resolution honoring the late Alice Hart for her services to the Federation, NARFE and her community. President Stewart asked that it be approved by unanimous acclamation. Passed unanimously.  The Resolution was accepted by Robert Miller, President of Chapter 1002.

Credential Chair Robert Miller gave the second Credentials Report. He reported Voting Strength 668, Proxies 46, Executive Board 17, Past Presidents 3, for a total voting strength of 734. Attendance was reported of Delegates 232, Alternates 4, Guests 23, Total 279.

President  Stewart introduced Past President Pappa, Chair of the Time and Site Committee, who presented a PowerPoint presentation on three  hotel choices for the 2010 and 2011 conventions:

MOTION 2008-13: The Committee moved for the selection of the Hilton Hotel, Altamonte Springs for the 2010 and 2011 conventions by a plurality vote.

President Stewart ruled that the count was too close to call. He requested the Sergeants at Arms to conduct a count.  They reported results as 67 for the motion and 96 against.

President Stewart then asked for a show of hands as to how many preferred the Crowne Plaza. Five hands were raised in response. He indicated that the choice was between the Hilton or the Sheraton.

Past President Pappa withdrew the Committee’s request for a plurality vote .

President Stewart stated that based on the earlier poll of the attendees; there were only two choices either the Hilton or Sheraton. He called for a floor vote on each choice. The committee choice, the Hilton-Altamonte Springs was the clear winner.

MOTION 2008-13 as amended, passed and the Hilton was chosen.

Chairman Pappa thanked his committee.

Nominating Committee Chair Patricia E. Berger reported that there was only one candidate per office; Donald Stewart for President, Wallace Roepke for First Vice President, Kenneth Carter for Second Vice President, William Leatham for Secretary, Ruth Blackwell for Treasurer. She reported that the committee found all to be qualified.

She then went on to recognize the members of her committee. 

President Stewart then opened floor for nominations; he called for nominations from the floor three times for each office to which there was no response.

MOTION 2008-14 Chair Berger moved that nominations be closed. Passed.

President Stewart declared that the nominees were elected by acclamation.

The convention recessed at 3:18 P.M. for District caucuses.

May 22

The convention was called to order at 9:44 AM by President Stewart following the presentations of Dick Strombotne for National Treasure and NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union.

President Stewart welcomed the Region III FEEA Coordinator Virginia Hawsey.

Committee Chair Reports resumed.

MOTION 2008-15 President Stewart then called upon General Resolutions Chair Andrew Peloquin from Chapter 1405 to introduce Resolution NG-001 to reintroduce Memberships at Large. He reported that the committee recommended non-adoption of this resolution. President Stewart then opened the floor for discussion.

The vote was called. Motion 2008-15 passed.  Resolution NG-001 was rejected

Chair Peloquin introduced and recognized his committee members.

President Stewart  dismissed the committee.

President Stewart called upon  the Constitution and By Laws Chair Robert Wehrli, who introduced the members of his committee.

MOTION 2008-16 Chair Wehrli  started by introducing FB-001: Title Name Change of First Vice President and stated that the Committee recommended amending the resolution by retaining the strikeouts for First Vice President but remove strikeouts for Second Vice President.

MOTION 2008-16 the amendment did not carry.

MOTION 2008-17 President Stewart called for a vote on the resolution as submitted. The motion passed Resolution FB-001 as submitted was approved.

Chair Wehrli then introduced FB-002 “Ten-Month Report” to change the requirements in our Bylaws from an annual fiscal report to a ten -month fiscal report to comply with actual practice and the realities that our fiscal year ends after the convention, making a full report impossible.

MOTION 2008-18 Chair Wehrli stated that the committee recommended amending the resolution to  require a detailed 10 month report of current fiscal activity and an estimate of costs for the balance of the year.  The motion to amend failed.

MOTION 2008-19 President Stewart called for a vote on resolution FB-002. The Resolution was adopted as submitted.

MOTION 2008-20 Chair Wehrli introduced resolution FB-003 allowing for the Appointment of a Standby Officer and recommended adoption. There was no discussion. The motion passed.  Resolution FB-003 was adopted.

MOTION 2008-21 Chair Wehrli introduced resolution FB-004 clarifying Check Authorization and recommended adoption. There was no discussion.  The motion carried and Resolution FB-004 was adopted.

MOTION 2008-22 Chair Wehrli introduced resolution FB-005 and reviewed its contents . He stated that the effect is to require a minimum of a seven day notice when calling a special meeting of the Executive board. The committee recommended adoption. There was no discussion.  The motion carried and resolution FB-004 was adopted.

MOTION 2008-23 Chair Wehrli introduced FB-006 Temporary Assignment that permits statewide officers to temporarily assume the roles of Membership Chair or Legislative Officer and recommended adoption. Passed. Resolution FB-006 was adopted.

MOTION 2008-24 Resolution FB-007 on Presidential Term Limits was introduced by Chair Wehrli; his committee proposes an amendment that essentially states that there are unlimited terms available to a Past President but limits consecutive Presidential terms to two.

The Amendment failed.

MOTION 2008-25 discussion commenced on FB-007 as written.

The President asked Sergeants  at Arms for Floor Counts pro and con.

Steven L . Shoub of Chapter 717 called for Roll Call Vote.

Past President Ann Murray asked for a Roll Call Vote from another microphone.

The Sergeants at Arms reported the Floor vote: Yes 112 No 77

Steven L. Shoub of Chapter 717 asked to withdraw his request for a Roll Call vote, as the resolution had not been adopted.

Past President Pappa called for Roll Call Vote.

President Stewart recessed for lunch at 12:09 PM announcing that the roll call vote would take place upon call to order after recess.

Called to order at 1:31 PM by President Stewart.

Credential Chair Miller gave the Final Credentials Report: Voting Strength 676, Proxies, 46, Executive Board 17, Past Presidents 3. Total 742. Attending: Delegates 236, Alternates 4, Guests 43, Total 283.

 Chair Robert Miller thanked the committee.

President Stewart called on Ballot and Tellers to conduct a Roll Call Vote on motion 2008-25.  He stated that based on a voting strength of 742, a two-thirds majority is 494 votes.

While waiting on the final total, President Stewart thanked Chaplain Henderson and District Vice President Chizik for a moving memorial service.

President Stewart thanked the Sergeants at Arms for great job.

Pres. Stewart and Hospitality Chair Richard Gerber thanked the Hospitality Committee:

 President Stewart announced the results of the District caucuses for nominations for District Vice President:

1.       Robert Shaw

2.       Harold Bartelt

3.       Charles Shannon

4.       Colleen Welch

5.       Jane Lemley

6.       Anthony Torchia

7.       Angel Almodovar

8.       Sylvia Ventura

9.       Richard Gerber

10.   Lucette Chizik

11.   James Greene

Since there was no opposition, he declared the nominees elected by acclamation..

There were presentations by vendors of  door prize gifts.

The Ballot and Tellers Committee reported 375 in favor and 350 opposed, as Motion 2008-25 failed to obtain the two-thirds majority, FB-007 was not adopted.

President Stewart thanked Bob Wehrli and retired the committee.

President Stewart dismissed Ballot and Tellers Committee.

He dismissed the Credentials Committee.

President Stewart dismissed the Nominating Committee

Chair Beulah Greene conducted the Dues Withholding Contest. She urged all Chapters to try to get one person per Chapter to sign up for Dues Withholding each contest period. The $200 prize was won by Chapter 1557 member Donald E. Proctor. The $50 prizes by Chapter 1154 member Sally F. Martin and Chapter 1002 member Donald E. Eichelt.

Hobby Show Robert  Shaw thanked his committee.  He reported the following winners:

1.       Best of Show for beautiful jewelry-Guy Haviland

2.       Best of Division Crafts- Vordaman Vandiver, who donated his award to the Alzheimer’s Fund

3.       Best of Division Needlecraft-Carole Bartelt

4.       Best of Division Art-Peggy Carey

President Stewart called on Convention Chair John Ventura to conduct the drawing for the three day cruise sponsored by Chapter 754 with proceeds to FEEA. The winner was Arthur Garafolo.

FEEA Coordinator Nancy Roepke conducted the raffle for the FEEA quilt for the FEEA Educational Fund; the winner was Pamela  Bartelt. She reported that there were 870 tickets sold. She thanked Harold and Carole Bartelt for the  hundreds of hours making quilt. Coordinator Roepke reported that over $1,100 was raised at the convention for FEEA.

She conducted raffle drawings for the lap robe and pillow, which were won by Carol Pickering and Ralph Park, respectively.

FEEA Coordinator Nancy Roepke thanked her committee.

President Stewart thanked Phyllis Bernstein for manning the Alzheimer’s Fund cruise booth.

Virgina Hawsey, Region III FEEA Coordinator congratulated Nancy Roepke and the Florida Federation on these excellent results.

Past President Pappa stated that bookings for the November Alzheimer’s Fund cruisemust be made by  May 31st.  While you have until August 31 to cancel, you need to book now to get this rate. An $8 per day added fuel charge was just imposed.

Past President Pappa stated that there will be only two doors open for the banquet and attendees need to be in their seats by 6:15 PM for the Parade of Officers. There will be a cash bar with reduced prices.

President Stewart presented Federation Awards, remarking that this is the only thing that he doesn’t have to get approval., Many people have done great things, but there is a limit on number of awards:

National Secretary Nathaniel Brown: Thank you plaque, for dedication to NARFE

NARFE Director of Retirement Benefits David Snell: Thank you trophy for outstanding dedication

Treva Devers:  For meritorious service to Federation as Second Vice President and Legislative Officer

Kenneth Carter: For meritorious service for four and a half years of meritorious service

Tom Singletary: For meritorious service and for filling in twice as District Vice President, accepted by Jane Lemley on his behalf

Robert J. Miller: for Meritorious Service as District Vice President and Acting Legislative Officer

John Trenkle: for Meritorious Service  for serving as NARFE PAC Chair

David Whalen: for Meritorious Service as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee

Sam Girson: for Meritorious Service as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee

Mike Hoyman: Meritorious Service as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee

Herbert Sicular: Meritorious Service as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee

Dedicated Team Effort: Carole and Harold Bartelt

Dedicated Team Effort: Jim and Beulah Greene

Dedicated Team Effort: Guy and Betty Haviland

Dedicated Team Effort: Diana and Bill Leatham

Dedicated Team Effort: Margaret and Ben Pappa

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ann Murray

Dedicated Team Effort: Herb and Leonora Sicular

Dedicated Team Effort: John and Sylvia Ventura

President Stewart turned floor over to Leonora Sicular, who presented an award on behalf of National President Margaret Baptiste to Lois W. Todd, President of Peace River Chapter 2194 for her efforts on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Fund.

Leonora Sicular also presented President’s Awards to Past President Benjamin Pappa and President Donald Stewart on behalf of Margaret Baptiste and the National Executive Board for service to the Alzheimer’s charity.

President Donald Stewart resumed the floor with the following awards:

Woman of the Year - Lucette Chizik

Man of the Year - Benjamin Pappa

President Donald Stewart stated there was no new business and went on to the Good of the Federation. He spoke on the necessity to turn around the losses, cross communication and his hope that with a full slate of officers, he hopes to accomplish these goals.

Past President Ann Murray announced that Lloyd Pearson was now the member with most attendance at Federation conventions.

 President Stewart  thanked Region III FEEA Coordinator Hawsey, National Secretary Nathaniel Brown, Robert and Peggy Harrell, and David Snell for their participation.

President Stewart thanked photographer Ron Marten.

Past President Benjamin Pappa remarked that Donald Stewart had signed up for another year of life altering work. He thanked Donald Stewart. Applause.

President Stewart thanked Chaplain Maude Henderson.

National Director of Retirement Benefits David Snell presented the award of  Service Officer of the Year for the Florida Federation to Betty Johnson of the Brevard County Chapter.

Chaplain Maude Henderson gave the closing Benediction.

The convention adjourned  at 3:41 PM.












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Harold Bartelt                                                           William H. Leatham

Chair, Minutes Committee                                          Secretary