Minutes of the Florida Federation of Chapters 2007 Convention

May 16 - May 17, 2007

             Hilton Hotel, Altamonte Springs, Florida


Pre-Convention Activities

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Registration Activities and Committee Meetings were held.  Each committee followed a prepared agenda.  The 2006-2007 Executive Board held its final meeting.  About 100 delegates went to the Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show.

Wed May 16, 2007

08:30 AM, Opening Ceremonies:

The Pre-Convention Ceremonies were convened by Chairman Stewart. Parade of Banners Chairman Bartelt presided over the Parade of Banners led by Margaret Pappa carrying the Federation Banner, followed by the Presentation of the Colors by Lake Bradley High School ROTC Color Guard directed by Major Mark Watts.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chair Bartelt, after which the Benediction was given by Acting Chaplain Maude R. Henderson.

The Keynote Address was given by NARFE National President Margaret L. Baptiste.  

The ceremonies were recessed at 9:40 AM.

Minutes of the FL. Federation 2007 Convention

09:59 AM, The Formal Call to Order was given by President Pappa, who thanked President Baptiste for attending the Florida Federation Convention and for her well presented speech.

2nd VP Roepke introduced officers at head table and honored guests, Past National President Frank Atwater and wife Melinda, then reported that Past National President Steve Morrissey was unable to attend due to illness, Past National Region II Vice President Sam Girson, Past National Treasurer Mike Hoyman, Mary Pierson, Reg III Retirement Coordinator, Past Florida Federation Presidents, Roy Reichelt, Ann Murray, Guy Havilland, and spouses.

The Secretary called roll of elected officers, all present.

President Pappa saluted Alice Hart on her 97th birthday (today) and 40 years of NARFE service.

Credentials Chair Larry Thoroman reported the preliminary delegate count:

Voting Strength

Delegate Voting Strength 600

Proxy Voting Strength 104

Executive Board Strength 17

Past Pres 3

Total Voting Strength 724


Executive Board 17

Past Presidents 3

Delegates 204

Alternates 3

Guests 13

Total 240

It was recorded that we have a quorum.

Rules Committee Chair Dave Blackwell gave his report and introduced his committee. Only change is to rule 15, where the fifteen minute rule will prevail over “Call the Previous Question” if there are people standing to speak.

Motion 07-001: First Vice President Stewart moved, properly seconded, to dispense reading of each rule, The motion carried.

President Pappa called the question. The Rules were adopted and the Committee was discharged with thanks.

Motion 07-002: Second Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, moved to adopt the agenda. Motion carried.

President Pappa reported that last years convention minutes were approved by the committee, as recommended by Roberts Rules of Order and introduced Chair of the Minutes Committee Bartelt, who reported on activity of committee and procedures.

The Minutes Committee for the 2007 Convention was constituted as, Harold Bartelt, Chair, with Sharon Sharp, and Bessie LaForce.

President Pappa then appointed the 2008 Convention Minutes Committee that will be chaired by Harold Bartelt.

The Treasurers Report, a 10 month report as printed in the convention program book was presented by Treasurer Carter and filed for audit.

Officer Reports were given by all statewide officers, starting with First Vice President Stewart, ending with President Pappa’s Annual Report of the Florida Federation.

The Financial Audit Report was presented by Chairman Ruth Blackwell.

Motion 07-003: First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, moved that the audit report be accepted. Motion carried.

Audit Chairman Ruth Blackwell presented the Alzheimer’s Fund Audit report.

Motion 07-004: First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, moved that the audit report be accepted. Motion carried.

Audit committee was dismissed with thanks.

President Pappa presented a Special Achievement Award to National President Margaret L. Baptiste for her leadership, service and dedication to the membership and goals of NARFE.

11:35 AM, The Convention was recessed.

01:32 PM, The Convention reconvened.

The Secretary read announcements.

Past President Haviland presented National President Baptiste with an alligator as an honorary Floridian.

Bylaws Committee Chair Murray introduced her committee and reported that there were no proposed changes. President Pappa dismissed the committee with thanks.

President Pappa introduced General Resolutions Chair Wasson and explained the route a National General resolution takes to the National Convention. .

Chair Wasson introduced his committee and the resolutions to be considered:

Resolutions Text;

NG001 - No Adverse Change to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, (FEHBP)

Be It Resolved: That NARFE continue to oppose any adverse changes or adverse change proposals to FEHBP, and the NARFE continue to oppose Health Savings Accounts.

NG002 - Repeal the Social Security Elimination Provision, (WEP) 

Be It Resolved:  That NARFE continue to actively support all legislation to repeal the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision, WEP.

NG003 - Social Security Benefits Discrimination because of Government Pension Offset, GPO

Be It Resolved:  That NARFE continue to actively support all legislation to eliminate Government Pension Offset, GPO, to earned Social Security benefits.

NG004 - Support the Premium Conversion Legislation

Be It Resolved:  That NARFE continue to support legislation that would allow federal retirees to pay for their share of health insurance premiums with pre-tax annuities.

NG005 - Basic Training for Chapters on the NARFE Web Site.

Be It Resolved:  NARFE should develop training courses on the NARFE Web Site for each officer and committee chair of a chapter.  The training should consist of interactive training sessions where the student can gage their own progress.                          

Resolutions Disposition;

 NG001: Chair Wasson reported that the committee recommended to insert a PERIOD after FEHBP. No second required.  Amendment failed.

NG001 was adopted.

NG002: Chair Wasson reported that the committee recommended adopt.

Dave Bernstein of Chapter 1154 moved to amendment the resolution, but then withdrew his amendment with apology.

District Vice President Treva Devers moved, properly seconded, that resolutions NG 002 and NG 003 be combined because legislation addresses them together.

Amendment failed.

NG002 was adopted.

NG003: Chair Wasson reported that the committee recommended the adoption of NG003.

NG003 was adopted.

NG004: Chair Wasson reported that the committee recommended the adoption of NG004.

David Bernstein of Chapter 1154 moved to amendment, to include support for change in FEHBP premium payments by Federal Government from 72% to 80% by Rep Hoyer.

President Pappa ruled that the motion was out of order. Mr. Bernstein appealed to the Parliamentarian, who concurred with President Pappa.

NG 004 was adopted.

NG005: The Committee modified to read “Fl Federation should consider developing federation training courses on the Federation web site for each officer and committee chapter chair PERIOD.

Amendment failed.

District-5 Vice President Singletary moved an amendment, properly seconded, to NG 005:

“That NARFE National conduct a feasibility study concerning the development of training courses on the NARFE web site for each officer and committee Chair of a chapter.”

Amendment failed.

Mr. Singletary called for roll call ballot, which failed for lack of a second.

Marc Harris of Chapter 1002 moved, properly seconded, that the resolution be to provide for training materials in DVD format for the NARFE website.

Amendment failed.

NG005: Original resolution was not adopted.

The Committee was dismissed with thanks by President Pappa.

Past Florida Federation President Ann Murray Presented a Formal Resolution, properly seconded, honoring the late District Vice President Mildred Rosenthal and presenting her with an award.  Resolution  was Adopted.

First Vice President Don Stewart spoke of how he recruited Mildred Rosenthal, and how monumental she was and that the award was a fitting tribute to a noble individual.

Lynn Rosenthal, Mildred’s daughter, accepted the award and thanked the delegates. 

Credential Chair Thoroman reported a updated count of Delegates:

Voting Strength

Delegate Voting Strength 634

Executive Board 17

Past President 3

758 Voting Delegate Strength Present


Executive Board 17

Past Presidents 3

Delegates 244

Guests 18

Attending 285

Nominating Committee Chair Marc Harris introduced members of his committee and reported nominations:

President: Donald Stewart

First Vice President: Wallace Roepke

Second Vice President: Treva Devers

Secretary: William Leatham

Treasurer” Kenneth Carter

He indicated that the committee had only one member to interviewed in each of the five statewide offices and found all nominees to be fully qualified.

President Pappa opened the floor for nominations:

He called for nominations for President. There being no response, he closed the nominations for President.

He called for nominations for First Vice President. There being no response, he closed the nominations for First Vice President.

He called for nominations for Second Vice President. There being no response, he closed the nominations for Second Vice President.

He called for nominations for Secretary. There being no response, he closed the nominations for Secretary.

He called for nominations for Treasurer. There being no response, he closed the nominations for Treasurer.

There being only one nomination for each office, President Pappa directed the Secretary to record the following persons elected to the following offices by acclamation:

Donald Stewart, President

Wallace Roepke, First Vice President

Treva Devers, Second Vice President

William H. Leatham, Secretary

Kenneth Carter, Treasurer

President Pappa called upon the delegates to caucus and to nominate District Vice Presidents at their District meetings following recess of the general membership meeting. He stated that the Secretary would be at the registration room to receive reports of nominations.

03:25 PM, The Convention recessed.

The Secretary proceeded to the Registration Room to receive the results of District caucuses.

Thu. May 17, 2007

8:30 AM, A Memorial Service conducted by Acting Chaplain Maude R. Henderson, assisted by Dist-10 VP Chizik, to honor those members departed during the past year was presented.

9:45 AM, The convention was reconvened by President Pappa.

Hospitality Committee Chairman Richard Gerber was called upon to recognize his committee.

 Secretary William Leatham reported the results of District caucuses. Nominations for District Vice President were:

  1. Robert Shaw
  2. Harold Bartelt
  3. Ruth Blackwell
  4. Sharon Sharp
  5. Richard Zeiner
  6. Tony Torchia
  7. Angel L. Almodovar
  8. Robert J. Miller
  9. Richard Gerber
  10. Lucette Chizik
  11. James Greene

President Pappa declared the nominees winners by acclamation.

President called upon appointed chairs for their reports and reports were given as follows:

Alzheimer’s Chair Lenora Sicular, Automation Chair Diana M. Leatham, Coalition Coordinator Herb Sicular, FEEA Coordinator Nancy Roepke, Legislation Chair Treva Devers, Membership Chair Robert Miller, NARFE-PAC Chair John Trenkle, Public Relations Chair Marc Harris, Service: Mary J. Hoyman filled in for Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, who is ill, , ZIP Code Chair Margaret Pappa.

 President Pappa thanked Acting Chaplain Maude Henderson for the memorial service, then called on Convention Chairman Stewart to recognize the Convention Committee.

Convention Committee Chairman Donald Stewart thanked Administrative Assistant Wally Roepke, Secretary Bill Leatham, Convention Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Credentials and Door Prize Committee Larry Thoroman, Greetings and Dinner Tickets/Seating Anthony Torchia, Decorations and Entertainment Treva Devers. Custodian David Blackwell. Greeters Lucette Chizik, Hobby Show Robert Shaw, Parade of Banners and Honor Guard Harold Bartelt, Hospitality Committee Chair Gerber, Program Book Chair Clyde Young, Prize and Utility Chair Tom Singletary, He thanked Messrs. Stewart and Blackwell for Advertising and Messrs Harris, Pappa and Haviland for securing advertising, Hotel Facilitation Ben Pappa and Margaret Pappa for behind the scenes help. He thanked Photographer Ron Marten, Registration Chair Sharon Sharp and Robert  Shaw for Convention Information mailings, as well as Dave Whalen.

President Pappa: Thanked Chairman Stewart for chairing his 3rd consecutive convention. It is a major job. The Florida convention may exceed National’s in formality. Appointed convention officers work hard, do their part, along with the outstanding help by the committee workers from many chapters. Many thanks.

President Pappa gave his farewell speech. He looked back to goals accomplished; goals spanning over 10 years starting with late 90’s, started with a resolution that was defeated to establish the current DVP. By appealing the decision of the Chair and introducing the Roll Call vote to recall the resolution by Roy Reichelt, the resolution was then passed. Goals were to increase participation in committees. Introduced resolutions that changed rules that now require Executive Board confirmation for standing committees, resolutions to spread power and responsibility among the chapters. 1999 was his first year as a convention committee chairman, appointed by Roy Reichelt. From 2004 to present, the Convention was moved to the Hilton hotel, to be central and at lower cost to both the Federation and Chapter delegates. Strengthened financial controls and budgeting were also accomplished. Ending his term believing it has strengthened the Federation, as a result of being a fanatic on rules, sound financially and strong leadership. Thanked the Chapter Delegates for their trust and wished the newly elected President Donald Stewart and his elected and appointed staff the very best.


11:09 AM, Recessed

01:37 PM, Call back to order.

President Pappa introduced Region III Vice President Robert Harrell, who thanked many persons for their kindness and condolences.

Credential Chair Thoroman gave the final Credential Committee final report:

Voting Strength

Delegates Voting Strength 634

Proxy Voting Strength 104

Executive Board 17

Past Presidents  3

Total 758 


Executive Board 17

Past Presidents 3

Delegates 251

Guests 18

Other 3

Total 292

The Credentials Committee was dismissed with thanks.

Chair Hobby Show-Robert Shaw-thanked the committee. Best in Show –Guy Haviland Photography Best of Show-Guy Haviland, Crafts Best of Division-Carol Bartelt, Best of Division Herr, Needlework-Betty Castrol.

Membership Award Chair David Whalen advised that District Vice Presidents received checks to distribute. Special awards for recruitment were presented to Chapters 609, Apollo 1137, and Sarasota 242. Special awards for retention were presented to Pensacola, Apollo, and Hollywood Chapters.

The awards for Best Percentage: Recruitment were to University Village, Greater Miami, and Barefoot Bay. The awards for Best Percentage: Retention: University Village, Nalcrest/Fedhaven, and Northport.

Dues Withholding Contest Chair Bob Miller: winners were Pauline Torchia $200, winner, and members of Chapters 1137 and 1002 for $50 each.

Bob Harrell presented a Distinguished Service Award to President Ben Pappa.

President Pappa called upon Mrs. Margaret Pappa to share award ceremony.

Federation Awards were presented by President Pappa to those leaving the Executive Board: DVP-5 Tom Singletary, DVP-8 Larry Thoroman. Appointed Officers Mary Ellen Schoolmaster (absent-ill) Chaplain and Service Officer. Nancy Roepke FEEA Coordinator, Treva Devers Legislative Officer, Bob Miller Membership Chairman.

Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented by President Pappa to Dee L. Flynn Ch-2238, Dave L. Forrest CH-1979, Darryl D. Chinn CH-1428, Dr. Stanley Stone CH-1683, Harold Bartelt DVP-2, Lucette J. Chizik DVP-10, and Lloyd N. Pearson CH-172 as well a Special Achievement Award to Richard J. Gerber DVP-9. A Team Award – for a couple that worked together as a team- to Wallace and Nancy Roepke FL. Fed. 2nd VP & FEEA Coordinator.

President Pappa presented the Woman of the Year Award to Sharon L. Sharp and the Man of the Year Award to Donald E. Stewart.

President Elect Donald E. Stewart presented to Margaret L. Pappa a bouquet of yellow roses and to President Benjamin J. Pappa a plaque as an award of thanks for dedicated service.

New Business;

David Blackwell of Chapter 1525 moved, properly seconded, that outdated records and materials in the storage locker be purged. Interpreted by President Pappa as a motion as being;

 Motion 07-005:  To form a committee to examine and recommend to Executive Board for disposal of unneeded materials, with the consent of the Executive Board.  Motion Carried

For the Good of the Federation

President Pappa raised issue of what we want to do next year. Either local options, Medieval Times, etc., or Sun Cruises will pick up attendees for $15 and provide round trip bus, boat ride, free drinks and buffet dinner plus $10 back, but would require another night for a daytime cruise. Cost of extra day but no cost for entertainment.

After informal discussion, the following options were presented by President Pappa for a show of hands:

Show only

Dinner show

Separate gambling cruise

By a show of hands, President Pappa indicated that it would appear that we will look into the same style of event as we did this year.

Ballot and Tellers Committee Chairman Bob Miller requested that the B&T Committee be disband, President Pappa so ordered.

Concluding Benediction by Acting Chaplain Maude Henderson.

03:43 PM, 2007 Florida Federation Convention Adjourned.


Nota Bene: In keeping with Roberts Rules of Order, the Minutes were approved by the 2007 Convention Minutes Committee. The Minutes Committee for the 2007 Convention was constituted as, Harold Bartelt, Chair, with Sharon Sharp, and Bessie LaForce.

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