Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   22 - 23 February 2007



The meeting was called to order at 7:19 PM by President Pappa.  There was no Invocation, as the Chaplain was excused. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by First Vice President Stewart. The Secretary called the roll of elected officers; all were present except Clyde Young, who was excused due to a death in his family.  The Secretary called the roll of appointed officers, and all were present save Leonora Sicular (Alzheimer’s Chair), Herbert Sicular (Coalition Coordinator), Mary Ellen Schoolmaster (Chaplain and Service Officer), Nancy Roepke ( FEEA Coordinator) and John J. Trenkle (NARFE-PAC Chair)

MOTION 07-02-001 by District Vice President Devers, properly seconded, to approve the agenda with the right to amend if necessary. Passed.

MOTION 07-02-002 by First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, to dispense with reading of the Minutes of the last meeting (Oct. 26 & 27, 2006). Passed.

MOTION 07-02-003 by First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, to approve the minutes of the last meeting as per circulated written copies. Passed.

The letter of resignation of District Vice President Rosenthal for medical reasons was read and President Pappa announced the selection of Clyde Young as the replacement District Vice President for District 7.

MOTION 07-02-004 by District Vice President Thoroman, properly seconded, to send flowers to former District Vice President Rosenthal. Passed.

Federation Treasurer Carter reported that the financial condition was excellent.

There were opening remarks by President Pappa. on the importance of members and Chapters keeping their information up to date. He reported that he and First Vice President Stewart finalized contracts for the Executive Board meetings for October 31-November 1, 2007, as well as for the District 3 and 4 meetings of February 20, 2008 and the Executive Board meeting of February 21-22, 2008. He also reported that they had opened negotiations for 2010 and 2011 conventions with the Hilton and two other convention hotels.

Reports were given by the invited Appointed Officers: Automation Chair - Diana Leatham, First Vice President Stewart filled in for the Service Chair, Legislative Officer - Treva Devers, Membership Chair - Bob Miller, who focused on senior Events, and reported that there were more members going on dues withholding than reported by Chapters, Public Relations - Marc Harris reported that he was working with FedNews Radio’s Mike Causey and had invited him to attend the Florida Convention with President Pappa’s approval. He indicated that National did not have any Florida news outlets on its Press Release system. 

First Vice President Stewart reported that he was drafting letters to lapsing members and noted that 55.6% of our membership losses were members with less than 3 years of membership. In response to a question by the Secretary, Region III VP Bob Harrell will attempt to get demographic data by Chapter (age).

MOTION 07-02-005 First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, moved that the Newsletter Publishing guidelines be formally adopted. The motion was amended at the suggestion of Public Relations Chair to emphasize the use of black and white to reduce costs. The amended motion passed.

First Vice President Stewart volunteered District 7 to be the publisher of the April newsletter.

Zip-Code Chair - Margaret Pappa gave her report.

Reports of elected officers were given. District Vice Presidents, with the exception of District 7 Vice President (excused absence) distributed written reports. There was a discussion on Chapter specific issues.

The meeting was recessed at 10:02 PM.

The meeting reconvened at 9:33 AM February 23, 2007.

Treasurer Kenneth Carter gave a detailed report

MOTION 07-02-006 by First Vice President Stewart, properly sconded, that the Treasurer research and  roll over our Certificate of Deposit in the sum of $10,000 to where we get the best rate. Passed.

Secretary Leatham gave a brief recap of F-7 issues.

2nd Vice President Roepke expressed his thanks to the District Vice Presidents for their work in setting up District meetings.

1st Vice President Stewart indicated that the semi-annual report was no longer necessary as the By Laws do not require its submission. However, he needs totals of deaths per District through March 31ist from April 1 of  last year for the Memorial Service.

President Pappa thanked the District Vice Presidents for well run meetings. He reminded the Board that the Convention Minutes were already approved. A committee chaired by Harold Bartelt had approved the minutes. He offered to bring the minutes to the floor for discussion, but there was none.

NARFE Region III Vice President reported that there was one Executive Board Meeting since the election and many projects were initiated at National.

President Pappa reported that the Hilton Hotel does not want to talk about 2010 Convention yet. Trying to get bids for 2010 and 2011.  The Federation will need a Time and Place Committee at the 2009 Convention.

First Vice President Stewart reported that Alzheimer’s Benefit  Cruise packets were sent to all Chapter Preidents and Region III Federation Presidents.

NARFE Region III Vice President reported that the Regional Training Conference will be held October 2,3,4 at Columbus GA. The room rate is $63 and the meal package of $36 includes the banquet.

The budget was reviewed.

MOTION 02-07-007 by Immediate Past President Whalen, properly seconded, that $500 be moved from Reserve to the General Operating Account. Treasurer Carter recommended that we allow the account to go negative. The motion failed.

MOTION 02-07-008 by Treasurer Kenneth Carter, properly seconded, to raise the budget of Newsletter by $100 to $1,100.

MOTION 02-07-009 by 2nd Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to call the question. Motion to call the question passed.

MOTION 02-07-008 passed.

MOTION 02-07-009 by First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, to increase the Public Relations budget by $750.

MOTION 02-07-010 by Immediate Past President David L. Whalen, properly seconded, to call the question. Motion to call the question passed.

MOTION 02-07-009 passed.

MOTION 02-07-011 by District Vice President Shaw, properly seconded, to increase District 1 budget by $250. Passed.

MOTION 02-07-12 by District Vice President Torchia, properly seconded, to increase District 6 budget by $70. Passed.

MOTION 02-07-13 by District Vice President Gerber, properly seconded, to add $100 to the budget for District 9. Passed.

There was a review of the 2007 Convention Committees.

First Vice President Stewart conducted a drawing for order or precedence for convention seating at the 2007 Convention. The drawing results were:

  1. Dist 6
  2. Dist 4
  3. Dist 9
  4. Dist 8
  5. Dist 2
  6. Dist 3
  7. Dist 11
  8. Dist 1
  9. Dist 10
  10. Dist 7
  11. Dist 5

District 5 will set up the seating after the Mystery Dinner Theater 

First Vice President Stewart and President Pappa reminded  Committee Chairs to get the roster of committee members to the Program Book Chair. Convention pins and point system were reviewed.

Discussion of polo shirts as a fund raising vehicle.

MOTION 02-07-014 by District Vice President Torchia, properly seconded, that the Federation fund $1,100 for seed money.  Passed.

The Fiscal was reviewed.

MOTION 02-07-015 by Treasurer Carter, properly seconded, To amend the fiscal policy to allow actual expenses for approved travel not to exceed $45.00 for meals in a calendar day.

MOTION 02-07-016 by District Vice President Devers to amend the amount to $50 for meals in a calendar day. The motion to amend motion 02-07-015 passed.

MOTION 02-07-015 as amended, passed.

New Business was transacted.

It was noted that Executive Board reimbursement is presently limited to $60 at convention for meals if banquet or entertainment or $40 if there is none. 

MOTION 02-07-016 by First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, to amend to $50 if no entertainment, or event/banquet. Passed

MOTION 02-07-017 by  District Vice President Devers, properly seconded, to strike $60 when there is a banquet or entertainment and change to $75. Passed.

MOTION 02-07-018 by President Pappa, properly seconded, that the Federation obtain NARFE Federation name badges for Past Federation Presidents and their spouses. Passed.

There was a discussion about the forthcoming elections for Federation Officers.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM by President Pappa.


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