Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                 Oct. 26 - 27, 2006



The meeting was called to order at 07:05 PM by President Benjamin J. Pappa The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Second Vice President Wallace W. Roepke and Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster gave the Invocation.

President Pappa read the resignation letter of Secretary Steve Henderson dated 10/13/2006. He then indicated that he had appointed William H. Leatham to act as a recording secretary for the meeting. He asked for a motion from the floor to confirm the appointment.

MOTION 06-10-001 Motion by First Vice President Donald Stewart properly seconded to have William H. Leatham act as the recording secretary for the meeting. Passed.

President Pappa then read the letter of resignation of William H. Leatham from the position of Automation Chair and accepted the resignation.

President Pappa then stated that the position of Secretary needed to be filled and that the Board had the authority to elect a new Secretary to fill the unexpired  term of Mr. Henderson.

Immediate Past President David Whalen then nominated William H. Leatham to fill the post of Federation Secretary. The nomination was seconded by District Vice President Harold Bartelt. Mr. Leatham was elected.

MOTION 06-10-02 Motion, properly seconded, by Second Vice President Wallace Roepke that a payment of $200, the pro-rated amount, as per Federation Fiscal Policy, be made to former Secretary Henderson. Passed.

President Pappa displayed commemorative plaque to be presented to Steve Henderson and read a thank you letter that he had written to Steve Henderson thanking him for his services to the Florida Federation.

The Roll Call of Elected Officers was conducted by the Secretary. All were present.

The Roll Call of Appointed Officers was conducted by the Secretary. Appointed Officers: Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa, Legislative Chair Treva M. Devers and Coalition Coordinator Herb Sicular were present.

MOTION 06-10-03 Moved, properly seconded, by Second Vice President Roepke: That a round of applause be given to former Automation Chair William H. Leatham. Passed.

MOTION 06-10-04 Motion by Second Vice President Roepke properly seconded, that the Minutes of the Meetings of May 16, 2006 and May 19, 2006 be approved. Passed.

Treasurer Kenneth Carter gave the Financial Report, indicating that he had closed out the prior fiscal year on June 15th.  He reported that he had filed the 1040EZ annual tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.

President Pappa expressed his appreciation for the newsletter and efforts of Public Relations Chair Marc Harris. District Vice President Gerber volunteered to mail the January newsletter.

President Pappa reported on progress with the Hilton Hotel and the Sheraton on future convention plans.

President Pappa stated that he had asked District Vice President Treva M. Devers to act as Acting Legislative Officer. He stated that he was now formally appointing Ms. Devers as Legislative Officer and asked the Board to concur.

MOTION 06-10-05 District Vice president Harold Bartelt, so moved, and was properly seconded. Motion to confirm Ms. Devers appointment passed.

President Pappa then read a letter from Diana M. Leatham accepting appointment as Automation Chair. He formally appointed her as Automation Chair and asked the Board to concur.

MOTION 06-10-06 District Vice President Sharon Sharp so moved, and was properly seconded. The motion to confirm the appointment of Diana M. Leatham passed.

Reports of Appointed Chairs were received. The Automation Chair, Acting Legislative Chair, Zip Code Chair, and FEEA Chair submitted reports. The Membership Chair was absent and the report of NARFE-PAC, also absent, was presented by President Pappa. Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa distributed OPM reports.

The meeting recessed at 9:42 PM.

The meeting resumed at 8:32 AM October 27th.

Reports of elected officers were given.

District Vice Presidents presented their reports.

Treasurer Kenneth Carter gave his report. He reminded the Board that the Treasurer is bonded. He received the invoice for the 3 year term of the bond in the amount of $25,000.  Tax returns were filed.

MOTION 06-10-07 Immediate past President David Whalen moved, properly seconded, that the only officer bonded be the Treasurer and that the bond be increased to $50,000 at Federation expense. Passed.

Secretary Leatham reported on the officer and chapter database that he had developed.

First Vice President Stewart and Second Vice President Roepke gave their reports.

President Pappa reported on his efforts, centering on the 2007 Convention and technical support to other Federations on their convention planning.

The President called upon National Region III Vice President Harrell for an update on events at National. Mr. Harrell reported on his committee assignments, including Strategic Planning and on the officer transition. He reported that GEMS would be made available to Federation Presidents.

President Pappa requested that Mr. Harrell work towards getting the District Vice Presidents access to their districts’ membership data. 

The 2006 Convention Final Report was reviewed and Convention Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave financial highlights.

MOTION 06-10-08 District Vice President Harold Bartelt, properly seconded, moved that that the Federation purchase a Florida state flag and staff for convention. This motion was amended by Second Vice President Roepke with the permission of maker and seconder to cap the funds authorized to $100. Motion passed as amended.

President Pappa directed that it be recorded that the 2006 Convention Committee is dismissed.

MOTION 06-10-09 First Vice President Donald Stewart, properly seconded, moved that the Convention registration fee remain at $10 and that the late registration fee be $15. Passed.

MOTION 06-10-10 Treasurer Kenneth Carter moved, properly seconded, that 2007/2008 per capita tax be 70 cents for 2007/2008 year. Passed.

MOTION 06-10-11 Treasurer Kenneth Carter moved that the Electronic Implied Consent Motion by him sent via email by President Pappa on 5/29/2006, and passed electronically on 6/02/206 that the existing CD of $7,000 at SunTrust be increased to $10,000 be confirmed. Properly seconded. Passed.

First Vice President Donald Stewart discussed plans for the 2006 -2007 Training Program.

Second Vice President Roepke reviewed the 2007 District Meetings schedule.

President Pappa indicated that he had tentatively contracted with a Parliamentarian for the Convention, Charlotte Smith at a fee of $150/day.

MOTION 06-10-12 Second Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, moved that the Federation retain the services of Charlotte Smith as Parliamentarian at a fee of $150/day for 2 days. Passed.

President Pappa reported that he had informally asked National President-Elect Margaret Baptiste informally to attend the Federation Convention in 2007. The Federation would need to cover her expenses.

MOTION 06-10-13 Immediate Past President Whalen moved that the Florida Federation invite President-Elect Baptiste and pay her expenses to attend the Convention. Passed. It was noted that there would only be one way air fare, as President-Elect Baptiste would be traveling on to California.

President Pappa noted that President-Elect Baptiste has accepted an invitation to be our Keynote speaker on Wednesday morning subject to Board approval.

Convention Chairman Donald Stewart reported that Steve Henderson had resigned and appointed William Leatham to be the Convention Secretary. Mr. Leatham accepted. Chairman Stewart commented that a backup will be needed and that the members’ Chapters would receive 6 points for the Secretary and 2 for the backup.

Mr. Stewart reported on current plans for the Convention and related activities.

First Vice President Stewart reported on plans being developed by himself and Public Relations Chair Harris for an Alzheimer’s Fund Raiser. 

Unfinished Business: Second Vice President Roepke remarked that his motion of May 19th had been tabled, and that Roberts Rules of Order provided that the motion was void after 90 days.

Motion 06-10-14 Mr. Roepke moved, properly seconded, the “The Executive Board create an Emeritus non-voting position for any living National Past President living in the state of Florida that is a member in good standing of a Florida Chapter.”

MOTION 06-10-15 Treasurer Kenneth Carter moved that the motion be amended to strike Emeritus and replace with Advisor. Failed for lack of a second.

Second Vice President Roepke called the question.

Motion 06-10-14 Failed.

MOTION 06-10-16 District Vice President Sharon Sharp moved, properly seconded, “That the Federation create a page in the program book to honor past national officers residing in Florida who are members in good standing in Florida.” Passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by President Pappa at 11:49 AM.




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