Minutes of the Florida Federation of Chapters 2005 Convention

May 17 - May 18, 2005

             Hilton Hotel, Altamonte Springs, Florida


Pre-Convention Activities

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Registration Activities and Committee Meetings were held.  Each committee followed a prepared agenda.  The 2005-2006 Executive Board held its final meeting.  About 100 delegates went to the “Dixie Stampede” Dinner and Show.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Opening Ceremony:  Convention Chair Stewart opened the convention; the Parade of Banners and Posting of the Colors occurred; the Pledge of Allegiance and the Convention Invocation was given; Federation and National Officers were introduced; the Opening Address was made via DVD by Senator Bill Nelson. The Keynote Address was given by Region III NFVP Robert Harrell.

Call to Order:  9:45 a.m. by President Pappa. Roll Call of Officers by Secretary Henderson stated all elected officers present. Introduction of Distinguished Guests by 2nd VP Roepke.

Reports of Committees:  Credentials Committee Preliminary Report established that a quorum was present. Motion made by Dick Zeiner of Chapter 0224 that Convention Rules printed in the Convention Program be adopted.  It was properly seconded and approved.  Motion made by Ann Murray of Chapter 1088 that Convention Agenda printed in the Convention Program be adopted.  It was properly seconded approved.

Minutes of Previous Convention and EB Meetings: Motion made by Federation Secretary Henderson that the published minutes printed in the Convention Program be approved.  It was properly seconded and the motion was approved.  An ad hoc committee was appointed by President Pappa to review and approve the minutes of the 2006 Convention.  Members include:  Sharon Sharp, Harold Bartelt and Bessie LaForce. 

Communications:  None

Reports of Federation Officers:  1st VP Stewart, 2nd VP Roepke, Secretary Henderson, Treasurer Carter and President Pappa gave reports about their NARFE activities. These reports, when given  to the Secretary, become a part of these minutes.

Address by National President:  Federation President Pappa diverged from the Convention Agenda when he asked National President Charles Fallis to address the delegates.  The National President spoke about NARFE issues and the importance of the upcoming Biennial National Convention.  A question and answer period  followed.

Audit Reports:  Convention Funds and Alzheimer’s Funds audit reports appear in the Convention Program.  A motion was made by Ruth Blackwell and properly seconded to approve these reports.  The motion was adopted.

Before the afternoon session reconvened, President Pappa made announcements about the booths for NARFE-PAC, Alzheimer’s, FEEA and Hobby Show prizes.  Also, Delegate Alice Hart is 96 years old and the delegates sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

At 1:37 p.m. President Pappa Called the Convention to Order.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair Robert Wehrli named the committee members and then gave committee recommendations for C&BL proposals shown in the Convention Program. 

FB002 – that the EB of FL Federation will not hold meetings on religious or national holidays be deleted from the Bylaws – was recommended for            approval by the committee.  Convention voted to adopt.

NB001 – that National HQ should correct National Bylaws to read that 10% funds are sent monthly (rather than quarterly, as stated in current National Bylaws) – was recommended for approval by the committee.  Resolution was adopted..

NB002 – that NARFE should serve and advise retirees about retirement benefits – was not recommended for approval by the committee. The resolution voted non-adopt.

NB003 – that National Bylaws Article IX should be amended to include specific instructions on writing resolutions that change NARFE National Bylaws – recommended for approval by the committee.  The question was called.  Resolution failed.  Voted non-adopt.

NB004 – that National Bylaws should be changed in specific Articles regarding Membership and Dues – was not recommended for approval by the committee.  Resolution failed.  Voted non-adopt.

FB001 – that Florida Federation Conventions should become Biennial – was recommended for approval, with an amendment to change the year 2009 to 2010. Lively discussion and points of procedures centered around terms of elected officers and pros and cons of annual versus biennial conventions.  When the question finally was called and votes were cast, the voice vote was unclear; therefore, President Pappa called for a Roll Call vote. District VPs took the votes of their chapter delegates and provided these recorded votes to the Federation Secretary who then provided the results to the Chair of the Ballot and Teller Committee.  Of the 809 votes cast, at least 539 were needed to have a 2/3 majority to make federation conventions become biennial; there were 499 votes in favor of biennial conventions and 310 votes against; therefore, the resolution voted non-adopt.

President Pappa thanked the C&BL Committee and dismissed them.

General Resolutions Committee Chair Darrell Chinn introduced members of his committee and addressed the National General Resolutions printed in the Program.

NG001 – that spouses of NARFE members should be admitted, with restrictions, as members – was NOT recommended for approval by the committee.  Voted non-adopt

NG002 – that only NEB elected officers, appointed officers and selected/approved special committee members shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred while performing NARFE duties – was recommended for adoption by the committee.  Resolution was adopted.

President Pappa indicated that other General Resolutions would be discussed at another business session of the Convention, because  Bylaws of the Federation must be followed, and that the Time, Place & Site Committee, also the Nominating Committee must be addressed at this time.   

Credentials Committee 2nd Report was provided.

Time and Place Committee – no report.

Nominating Committee Chairman Hoyman introduced members of the committee.  Then, he reported that the five announced candidates – Pappa for President, Stewart for 1st VP, Roepke for 2nd VP, Henderson for Secretary, and Carter for Treasurer are presented.  There were no nominations from the floor for any of the five elected positions.  Officers were approved by acclamation and the committee was excused.

District Caucus Meetings were held and the first day of the convention was concluded

at 4:20 p.m. when President Pappa recessed the Convention after its first business day. 

Thursday, May 18, 2006

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Election of District Vice President for both Districts 2 and 4.

8:30 a.m. – 8:50 a.m. Memorial Ceremony conducted by Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster with participation by District and Federation officers. 

9:45 a.m. – Resumption of Business Session of the Convention, called back to order by President Pappa.

President Pappa reminded delegates about the Hilton Hotel luncheon buffet special rate and recognized Delegate Bessie LaForce who is 84 years old.  Secretary Henderson read a handwritten note from Wiley James of Pensacola about the James family not attending the convention for the first time in 20 years.

General Resolutions Committee Chair Darrell Chinn returned with further committee recommendations about the General Resolutions printed in the program.

NG003 – that NARFE continue to support all legislation to eliminate the GPO – was amended by the committee to read “that NARFE actively support a Discharge Petition to support all legislation to eliminate the GPO” and recommended approval with the amendment.  The amended resolution was adopted.

NG004 – that NARFE continue to support all legislation to repeal the WEP – was amended by the committee to read “that NARFE actively support a Discharge Petition to support all legislation to eliminate the WEP” and recommended approval of the amendment.  Discussion occurred and Point of Order made that legislation about the WEP and GPO are combined in HR 147 by the Congress of the United States and that we should consider

NG003 and NG004 as a combined amended resolution.  Motion made by Legislative Officer Treva Devers and it was seconded to combine these resolutions as amended.  Discussion ensued and convention delegates approved the amended combined resolution NG003/NG004.

NG005 – that NARFE continue to oppose any adverse changes/proposals for change to FEHBP and that NARFE continue to oppose HSAs – was recommended for approval.  The resolution was adopted.

NG006 – that NARFE continue to support legislation that would allow federal retirees to pay their share of health insurance premiums with pre-tax annuities – was recommended for approval by the committee.  An amendment was made by 2nd VP Roepke to reword the resolution “that NARFE actively support a Discharge Petition to create legislation that would allow federal retirees to pay their share of health insurance premiums with pre-tax annuities” and properly seconded.  The resolution was adopted as amended.

NG007 – that NARFE should develop interactive training for chapter officers/ committee chairs on the NARFE web site and have mentors assigned to oversee this process – was amended by the committee to drop all the words at the end of the sentence “and have mentors assigned to oversee this process” and recommended for approval as amended.  The amended resolution was approved.

President Pappa thanked the General Resolutions Committee and dismissed them.

Reports of Appointed Officers:

Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular, Automation Chair Bill Leatham, Coalition Coordinator Herb Sicular, FEEA Chair Nancy Roepke, Legislative Officer Treva Devers, Membership Chair Mike Brose, NARFE-PAC Chair John Trenkle, PR Chair Marc Harris, Service Officer Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, and ZIP Code Chair Margaret Pappa provided brief reports. 

Credentials Committee Chair Larry Thoroman provided the final report:

                        Executive Board       17

                        Past Presidents          2

                        Delegates                221

                        Alternates                    3

                        Guests                                   13

                        Total:                        256

Ballot and Tellers Committee Chair Tony Torchia provided Election Results in two districts and noted acclamation of  District Vice Presidents in nine districts:

                        District   1:                  Bob Shaw (newly elected)

                        District   2:                  Harold Bartelt (won re-election in voting)

                        District   3:                  Ruth Blackwell (re-elected)

                        District   4:                  Sharon Sharp (won re-election in voting)

                        District   5:                  Tom Singletary (elected, after earlier appointment)

                        District   6:                  Tony Torchia (newly elected)

                        District   7:                  Mickey Rosenthal (re-elected)

                        District   8:                  Larry Thoroman (re-elected)

                        District   9:                  Richard Gerber (re-elected)

                        District 10:                 Lucette Chizik (re-elected)

                        District 11:                 Treva M. Devers (newly elected)


Awards: Contest Awards for the Hobby Show Categories were presented by Guy Haviland; Membership Awards for Retention and Recruitment (both percentages and total actions) were presented by David Whalen; Dues Withholding Contest Awards were presented by Mike Brose; Alzheimer’s Drawing was conducted by Leonora Sicular; FEEA Drawing was conducted by Nancy Roepke; and, various Vendors gave gifts to delegate recipients.

President Pappa called for recess of the Morning Business meeting at 12:10 p.m.

The afternoon Business meeting reconvened at 1:10 p.m.

Distinguished Service Awards: President Pappa presented Certificates and Plaques to: Guy Haviland, Bob Snodgrass, Herbert Sicular and Robert Furrow for their work as District Vice Presidents; President Pappa presented Special Achievement Awards to Marc Harris, Ron Marten, Donald Stewart, Bob Shaw and Don Wasson for their work in the Federation; President Pappa presented Team Awards to two couples: to Guy and Betty Haviland and also Herb and Leonora Sicular; President Pappa announced a Lifetime Achievement Award would be sent to Wiley James of Pensacola;  President Pappa announced that Treva Devers is Woman of the Year and that Michael Brose is Man of the Year and presented both with these awards;  NFVP of Region III Bob Harrell presented a Region III Citation of Distinction to Alzheimer’s Chair Leonara Sicular.

Legislative Report: Outgoing Legislative Chair Treva Devers spoke about her visit to National Headquarters to work with the Legislative Staff between 9 – 11 May 2006.

Personal Award: President Pappa presented an award of one dozen red roses to his wife, Margaret, for all she has done for him and the Federation.

Miscellaneous: Convention Chair Donald Stewart thanked the many federation elected and appointed officers who worked efficiently to conduct another FL Federation Convention. Secretary Henderson read information provided by candidates who are running for national office at the National Biennial Convention in Albuquerque.  Information was provided about: National President Candidate Dr. Dan Galvan; National Vice President Candidate Bill Austin; National Secretary Candidate Nat Brown; National Treasurer Incumbent Richard Ostergren; NFVP Region III Vice President Incumbent Robert Harrell; and NFVP Region III Vice President Candidate Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr.

Then, because Secretary Henderson could not discuss his own candidacy, President Pappa asked the delegates if anyone wanted to speak for a National candidate.  He recognized Delegate Mickie Henderson, wife of National Secretary Candidate Steve Henderson, who spoke on behalf of her husband for this National office.

New Business: Ballot and Tellers Committee Chair Torchia moved to destroy the existing ballots used in the District Vice President elections in two districts.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Good of the Order commentary provided by Ann Murray, a Past President of the Federation, about the efficiently run convention.

Benediction was provided by Mary Ellen Schoolmaster and the Convention concluded.


Closing Ceremonies were incorporated into the evening Installation Banquet.  These ceremonies included the Parade of Federation Officers, an Invocation, the Address by National President Charles Fallis, Comments by Federation President Benjamin Pappa, final distribution of door prizes and raffle tickets, grand prizes and comments by the Convention Chair.  Following the Benediction by the Chaplain, the Delegates were invited to join hands and sing “Auld Lang Syne” to conclude the convention.

These minutes have been reviewed and approved  on July 15, 2006 by the Convention Review Committee appointed by The  Federation President, Benjamin J. Pappa Jr.

Harold E. Bartelt - DVP District 2, Chairman

Sharon L. Sharp - DVP District 4

Bessie LaForce - Member 1414 Clay County


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