Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   May 16, 2006



12:08pm – Meeting Called to order


A regular meeting of the FL Federation of Chapters Executive Board was call to order by President Pappa, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation by Chaplain Schoolmaster.


Roll Call of Elected Officers called by Secretary Henderson.

Present were:  President Pappa, 1st VP Stewart, 2nd VP Roepke, Secretary Henderson, Treasurer Carter and District Vice Presidents Haviland, Bartelt, Blackwell, Sharp (arrived late), Singletary, Sicular, Rosenthal (arrived late), Thoroman, Gerber, Chizik, (Thoroman for vacant District 11 slot).


No official motion was made to approve and adjust the agenda.


Motion 001 05-16-2006 by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded,  “Waive the reading of the Feb. EB meeting and use the printed minutes as found in the 2006 Convention Program Book”. Motion Adopted


Motion 002 05-16-2006  by 2nd VP Roepke and properly seconded,  “Approve the minutes of the Feb. EB Meeting”.  Motion Adopted


Financial Report by Treasurer Carter.  10 months of data in book.  Federation treasury healthy and carryover funds available.  More detail on Friday. 


Honorariums as approved in the Fiscal Policy given at end of year, to Secretary, Treasurer and Automation Chair. Checks were presented to each.  Secretary Henderson returned his check and donated the funds to FEEA, to be divided between the Relief Fund and the Scholarship Fund.


The DRAFT Budget for 2006-2007 was distributed to EB members by the Treasurer.  Commentary made to keep this close hold and will be addressed at the Fri. EB Meeting.  Reminder - Get vouchers in by 1 Jun 2006.


Secretary read correspondence to and from Federation President and others. Information sent to National Secretary will become part of these minutes.


Reports of the EB members were made verbally and, in most cases, provided to the Secretary for the record. 


Comments about Pre-Retirement Coordinator and we do not need someone in this slot.

NFVP III Harrell made point that we need to have someone named and some concern.

1st VP Stewart also commented on this.  President Pappa stated that the Federation Membership Chair will work with the Region III Pre-Retirement Coordinator. 


Discussion about the 2006 Convention included:  Raffle tickets and money and checkbook.  Current Balance is $21,087.26  so could have 6 of 7 thousand remaining in checking when convention done.  Some concern about hotel space at reasonable cost for Florida Federation after the 2009 contract. …. Motion necessary some think and everyone wants Ben to be involved as head of Time, Place Committee. Belayed for now but too much talk about this.  Parade of Officers at 5:45 p.m. on Thursday.  Depart this afternoon at 4:00pm for Dolly Parton.


Old Business. We are loosing members and DVPs need to have form letter sent to people dropped and have DVP follow up for retention.


New Business – None


Good of the Order Commentary  –  None 


01:05pm – Meeting Adjourned by President Pappa.

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