Minutes of the Florida Federation of Chapters 2005 Convention

May 17 - May 19, 2005

             Hilton Hotel, Altamonte Springs, Florida


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Registration Activities and Committee Meetings were held. Each committee followed a prepared agenda. The 2004/2005 Executive Board held its final meeting.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Registration continued. During Opening Ceremonies, Federation Officers were introduced; the Parade of Banners and Posting of the Colors occurred; the Convention Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance were given; and, the Keynote Address was made by Region III NFVP Robert Harrell.

The Business Agenda included: Call to Order, Introduction of Distinguished Guests, and Roll Call of Officers. After both the Credentials Committee Preliminary Report and the Rules Committee Report were provided, a Motion was made and properly seconded to Adopt the Convention Standing Rules. Another Motion was made and properly seconded to Adopt the Convention Program Agenda and Changes. Published Minutes of the Previous Convention and the Published Minutes of Executive Board Meetings were unanimously adopted. A letter from Senator Bill Nelson was read by the Federation Secretary for the delegates. The five elected Federation Officers – President David Whalen, 1st VP Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr., 2nd VP Donald Stewart, Treasurer Kenneth Carter, and Secretary Steve Henderson – provided brief reports about their NARFE activities. Audit Reports for both Convention Funds and Alzheimer’s Funds were presented and a Motion was made and properly seconded to approve these reports.

Following a Lunch Recess, the Business Agenda continued. One Resolution was considered; the Resolutions Committee provided its recommendations and Convention Delegates considered the Resolution. NG001 – Request for more aggressive legislative action by NARFE National was AMENDED in several places by the Resolutions Committee and then the committee recommended the delegates Adopt as Amended. After minimum discussion about the recommended changes, delegates approved the resolution as amended and voted to Adopt the Resolution as Amended. The Resolution, as amended and adopted, reads as follows:

Subject: Request for more aggressive legislative action by NARFE National.
Adopted by: Chapter 1414, Clay County, Florida
Federation Action: Adopt as Amended
Whereas: The Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) laws were enacted in 1977 and 1983 respectively; AND the GPO and WEP laws impose a penalty on federal retirees that does not exist in the private sector; AND efforts to get Congress to repeal these laws have been ineffective for over 20 years using communication by individual NARFE members; AND there is increasing discontent within the membership in the belief that NARFE National has not employed sufficient pressure on Congress to
effect these changes.
Be It Resolved: That NARFE National be more aggressive in their approach to get Congress to repeal these laws using whatever means at their disposal, including use of Discharge Petitions.
And Be It Further Resolved: That NARFE National be required to keep NARFE Membership informed concerning exactly what new measures are being used and have been employed in the accomplishment of these goals and any progress.
Estimated Annual Cost: This resolution is not expected to increase costs.

After this Resolution was considered, four recommended Constitution and Bylaws changes were introduced. The Constitution & Bylaws Committee recommendations were made and the delegates voted as follows:
NB001 – NARFE Bylaw Recommendation to have National Membership (Only). This Bylaw Recommendation for Change was NOT adopted, as the Florida Federation Delegates present voted 107 FOR and 110 AGAINST.
NB002 – NARFE Bylaw Recommendation to provide current chapter members the option when their chapter is dissolved to become Members-at-Large, National only. This Bylaw Recommendation was REJECTED by the Florida Federation Delegates present at the Convention.
FB001 – Federation Bylaw Recommendation to hold the FL Federation of Chapters Convention biennially between NARFE National Conventions.
FB002 – Federation Bylaw Recommendation to stage conventions in odd numbered years and to change other sections of the FL Federation Bylaws, if this resolution were enacted. Both of these were considered together; however, because FB001 was written so poorly, these motions were TABLED and REJECTED. These bylaw recommendations are included in the packet to National and also appear in the Convention handbook.

After the Credentials Committee Interim Report was recited, the Nominating Committee provided the list of individuals who volunteered to become the five elected officers of the FL Federation – 1st VP Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr. (candidate for President), 2nd VP Donald Stewart (candidate for 1st VP), District 1 VP Charles Gardner (candidate for 2nd VP), Secretary Steve Henderson (candidate for Secretary), and Treasurer Kenneth Carter (candidate for Treasurer). There was one nomination from the floor of the convention; District 8 VP Wallace Roepke was nominated and properly seconded for the job of 2nd VP of the Federation. Both candidates for this elected position spoke to the convention. Then delegates were reminded that the Election for this office, and if there were any District Vice President offices being contested, would be conducted for one hour the next morning. There were no other nominations from the floor of the convention so the Business Agenda for the first day was concluded when convention delegates met for their District Caucuses. Following the District Caucuses, there were eleven individuals (one per district) named as the district vice president for each district. Hence, the only contested election would be for 2nd VP of the Federation.

The first day of the Convention was concluded with an evening Social Hour and a Dinner Dance in one of the hotel ballrooms.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Registration activities continued. The Ballot and Tellers Committee operated the Convention Polls for the Election of the 2nd VP for one hour beginning at 8:00 a.m. The Memorial Service was held from 9:15 until 9:40 a.m. The Business Agenda of the Convention was resumed at 10:30 when the delegates were called back to order. Standing Committee Reports were provided by the Legislative Chair and the Alzheimer’s Coordinator. The Legislative Report was lengthy and the question and answer portions had to be curtailed because of time. The Alzheimer’s Report was succinct. Prior to the lunch break at noon, the Ballot and Tellers Committee provided information about the election for 2nd VP; the winner was Wallace Roepke and his election was announced by the President.

Following the lunch break, the convention was called back to order at 1:30 p.m. The Credentials Committee Final Report was provided.
Executive Board 17
Past Presidents 2
Delegates 270
Alternates 20
Guests 9
Total 318

The Automation/NET Coordinator provided up-to-date information about the net operations of the Florida Federation – www.narfefl.net . The NARFE-PAC report was provided by the chair of that committee. Awards for Distinguished Service were presented to outgoing DVPs from District 1 and from District 11. The President of the Federation (who cannot serve beyond the two-year limit) was presented with a certificate and a desk-top memento by the incoming President. The Man of the Year (Treasurer Ken Carter) and the Woman of the Year (District 3 VP and Convention Treasurer Ruth Blackwell) were named and presented with their awards. Contest awards for both the Hobby Show and the Membership Activities in Chapters were provided by appropriate chairpersons. Awards from various vendors were announced and delegates were awarded these prizes. Final announcements were provided, the convention benediction was provided the Federation Chaplain and the Business Agenda of the Florida Federation Convention was adjourned.

Closing ceremonies were incorporated into the evening Installation Banquet, preceded by a Hail and Farewell Party given by the outgoing and the incoming Federation Presidents. The Closing Ceremony included the Parade of Officers, an Invocation, the Comments of the Outgoing President, Installation of Officers, the Official Transfer of the Gavel to the Incoming President, the Comments by the Incoming President and final distribution of door prizes and raffle ticket grand prizes and comments by the Convention Chair. Following the Benediction by the Chaplain, the Delegates joined hands and sang “Auld Lang Syne” to conclude the convention.

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