Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   17 - 18 February 2005




Secretary duties performed by Lucette Chizik, District 10 Vice President, in the absence of elected Secretary Steve Henderson for the 17 February portion of this Executive Board Meeting. 


Call to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President David Whalen

 Invocation by Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster

 Pledge of Allegiance – led by District 3 VP Ruth Blackwell

 Roll Call of Officers – Acting Secretary Chizik

 Introduction of Guests – Past President Guy Haviland

 Minutes of Last Executive Board Meeting  – Acting Secretary Chizik

            -- Motion was made and properly seconded to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Kenneth Carter

-- Problems with some checks to chapters NOT cashed.

-- About 5% loss of membership in FL Federation; not 10% budgeted.

-- Treasurer’s Report accepted and filed for audit.

MOTION made and seconded to approve the Agenda.

MOTION made and seconded to change meeting Agenda, as required.


Officer Reports:

            -- President Whalen has concluded visits to all districts, except in 6 & 7. Meetings next year will include training for attendees.

-- 1st VP Pappa introduced the “Eagle” pin for the convention and discussed the convention jobs he has accomplished to date.

-- 2nd VP Stewart made comments about Convention preparations and indicated he had attended meetings in Districts 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, and 11.


District Vice President Reports:

            -- Dist 2 VP Bartelt reported 44 members at district meeting, that he had installed chapter officers, and that two chapters (1715 with 0172) will merge.

            -- Dist 4 VP Sharp reported 69 members attended the combined district 3 and 4 meeting and that that Chapter 0386 merged with Chapter 0095.

            -- Dist 6 VP Sicular reported good attendance at combined district 6 and 7 meeting; Senator Nelson’s aide had been invited to speak; 1st VP Pappa and Service Officer Fordham  provided comments at the meeting;  Chapter 1698 soon may be closed (held up for now but seniority of members continues);  he had contacted Special Agents of the FBI Association to tell them about NARFE; and, despite the fact that the FL Federation had advised NARFE National NOT to give funds to Congressmen Wexler and Shaw, National dispensed funds to them anyhow.

            -- Dist 8 VP Roepke reported 42 members had attended the District 8 seminar and that he has visited all but one chapter in his district. 

            -- Dist 10 VP Chizik reported all chapters in the region are in good shape.

            -- Dist 11 VP Hart said 42 members had attended the District 11 seminar and that $55.95 had been raised for Alzheimer’s at the seminar.

            -- Dist 9 VP Gerber said 65 members had attended the District 9 seminar and that training programs should be instituted in the future.  Also, said membership in the district is down, as of October 2004.

            -- Dist 7 VP Rosenthal reported that all chapters are doing well, especially Key West.  The Homestead Chapter lost a major officer when Mr. O’Dell died.  Chapter 1405 has evening meetings to attract current federal employees, in addition to continuing its regularly scheduled meetings.

            -- Dist 5 VP Snodgrass said 32 members attended the District 5 meeting and all chapters are doing well.

            -- Dist 3 VP Blackwell commented that the District 3 and District 4 seminar went well.  District 3 went from 9 to 8 chapters and there are 5 new presidents in the district.  Because fewer members of Chapter 58 come to meetings, they want to merge with Chapter 2247; however, once they were encouraged not to do this, they put together a slate of officers and continue to operate.

            -- Dist 1 VP Gardner commented that 38 members attended the District 1 meeting; he has visited all chapters, and all is well in the District 1 area of operations.


November 2004 Semi-Annual Membership Report – 1st VP Benjamin Pappa

            -- Commented that membership reports are being submitted on time and have improved and that records must be kept for one year.  There are 24,081 total members in FL Federation including LSA members. In January there were 49 deaths and 283 non-renewals.


Committee Reports

-- Membership Chair Report – Chair Al Salo pointed out he had attended 5 Health Fairs; also, both Dist 6 VP and Dist 7 VP had attended one fair at Miami International Airport.  Al commented that DVPs should become involved in this recruitment tool.


-- Service Officer Jack Fordham gave his report; he visited several seminars.


            - -Membership Awards Report – Chair Dave Whalen stated there have been 1,300 actions this year.


-- Legislative Report – Chair Wally Roepke indicated Legislative priorities of NARFE are H.R. 147 – Repeal of the GPO-WEP and H.R. 633 – Effort to Increase the Government %age contribution to FEHB Program from 72% to 80%.  Comments made about the appropriate postings on e-mail of the various Legislative Alerts and transmissions from FL Legislative Officer Roepke.  2nd VP Stewart contacted Senator Mel Martinez at the Senator’s only FL office..  Contact Matt Hunter, 315 E. Robinson Street, Suite 475, Orlando, FL 32501  407-254-2573.


-- Alzheimer’s Report – Chair Leonora Sicular stated that all Alzheimer’s donations should be sent to her.  DVPs are asked to determine where five checks came from so proper credit can be given.  A certificate has been received from the University of South Florida Gerontology Department in recognition of FL Federation donations.  There is approximately $6,000 in the Sun Trust account that had been held by Susan Crowley, deceased past Alzheimer’s Treasurer of the FL Federation.  The Chapters will raise between $25,000 and $27,000 per year for Alzheimer’s in FL.


-- Pre-Retirement Seminar Report – Chair Harold Bartelt continues to hold these seminars and has indicated the National office still takes up to 45 days to bill people he has enrolled in NARFE.  National could do better.


-- ZIP Code Report – Chair Margaret Pappa indicated we now have 80 chapters and all zip codes are properly assigned.


-- Automation/FLNET Report – Chair Bill Leatham provided an report noted in other documentation he provided to the Executive Board.  MOTION made by Dist 8 VP Roepke and seconded by Dist 1 VP Gardner and passed  to commend Bill Leatham for all the time he spends working on the FL Federation web site. 


-- NARFE PAC and FEEA Reports – President Dave Whalen commented that $91,000 was collected for PAC and that only $21,000 of that amount was sent to FL Congressmen by National HQ.  FEEA funds went to Charlotte County in 58 checks of $500.00 grants.  Information is available on the Chapter 717 website about these grants.


-- 2005 Federation Convention Report – Chair Don Stewart stated that all seems to be on track for a successful convention.  Email will be used to contact the different chairs.  MOTION made by DVP-2 Harold Bartelt seconded and passed that the Parade of Banners should proceed first before the Colors are presented at the opening ceremony. 

The Thursday evening meeting was recessed.


18 February 2005


Secretary Henderson was present at the meeting and reassumed secretarial duties, after properly thanking  Lucette Chizik for her work the previous session.

 Meeting Called to Order at 8:00 AM by President David Whalen

National/Region III Events and Comments – Region III NFVP Bob Harrell 

Unfinished Business

            -- 2005 per capita tax – 1st VP Benjamin Pappa.  About 2/3 of the tax has been collected.  Deadline is March 1, 2005.  M-114 figures were used. 

-- Alzheimer’s Bank Account – Treasurer Kenneth Carter. Federation had to set up new account. MOTION made by Treasurer Carter, seconded and passed to make the FL Fed Secretary the third signatory on Alzheimer’s account.

            -- Outstanding FY 2004 Checks – Treasurer Kenneth Carter.  Dates and chapters checks have been voided.  A motion was made by Treasurer Ken Carter, seconded and passed to have future checks required to be cashed within 60 days or they become void.

            -- 2005 Convention Registration Fee – 2nd VP Don Stewart.   Secretary distributed forms to Federation Treasurer and to Convention Treasurer and also provided delegate forms to all 17 EB members.  Federation will pay the $10.00 fee on behalf of all 17.

            -- FL Federation Virtual Chapter – Secretary Steve Henderson.  President Whalen pointed out that members could go to virtual chapter meetings and this could be a potential solution to the problem of retention and chapter closings.  Discussion indicated that there are some differences of opinion among the FL Federation Executive Board.  Further action on the virtual chapter will be delayed indefinitely.

            -- F-7 Submissions – Secretary Steve Henderson. Nine (9) of the 80 Chapters have not submitted updated forms. 

            -- By-Laws Revisions – 1st VP Benjamin Pappa noted that copies had been provided to all except to DVP-10 Lucette Chizik. The Secretary distributed approximately 40 copies to DVP-10.


New Business: 

- Mid-Term Budget Review – Treasurer Kenneth Carter.  A mid-term review of the Federation budget was conducted.  Several MOTIONS were made by First VP Pappa, Seconded by Secretary Henderson and approved for the following:

-- increase Legislative Conference to $3,000.00 total.

-- increase President’s budget to cover travel expenses to regions.

-- increase Dist 5 budget by $300.00. 

-- increase Dist 8 budget by $150.00.

-- increase Dist 9 budget by $150.00.

-- increase Dist 10 budget  by  $90.00. 

-- increase Alzheimer’s by $25.00

Total of increase in budget is  $1,315.00; the Treasurer will accomplish these changes.


            - Nat Legislative Conference – DVP-4/Legislative Chair Wally Roepke.  Conference dates are 26 Feb – 1 Mar.  FL delegates will be: Ben & Margaret Pappa, Wally & Nancy Roepke, member from Chapter 202, Mickey Rosenthal, Guy & Betty Haviland and Steve Henderson.

            - Biennial Convention Resolution – Secretary Steve Henderson.  One chapter has submitted a resolution and it is anticipated several more resolutions will be submitted.. 

            - FL Federation Operating Plan – District 9 VP Richard Gerber.  MOTION made by DVP-9 Gerber, seconded and passed to have the Federation President appoint a committee to develop a strategic plan covering both 2 and 4 year periods.

            - Membership Plan  - Chair Al Salo will present a plan at the Friday Executive Board meeting following the Federation Convention


Good of the Order: - Cap insignia logos; - Bob Harrell comments;  -Ken Carter concerns about tax issues; and, - North Port Chapter to have 25th Anniversary in March.


Benediction – Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster


Adjournment until the Tuesday evening meeting prior to the 2005 Convention

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