Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   30 SEPTEMBER & 1 OCTOBER 2004




Call to Order – 7 p.m. 30 Sep             Invocation       Pledge of Allegiance

Installation of Robert Snodgrass, District 5 VP         Welcome to Board and Guests

Guests included:  Region III NFVP Ken Martin, Caroline Martin, Region III-Elect NFVP Bob Harrell, Bea Harrell, and Ann Scruggs, District 11.    

                          Roll Call

Elected Officers Present:  President David Whalen, 1st VP Benjamin Pappa, Jr., 2nd VP Donald Stewart, Secretary Steve Henderson, Treasurer Ken Martin, Junior Living Past President Guy Haviland and District Vice Presidents – Charles Gardner, Harold Bartelt, Ruth Blackwell, Sharon Sharp, Robert Snodgrass, Mickey Rosenthal, Wallace Roepke, Richard Gerber and Alice Hart.

Elected Officers NOT Present:  District Vice Presidents Herb Sicular and Lucette Chizik

Appointed Officers Present:  Automation Chair Bill Leatham, Membership Chair Al Salo, Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, Historian Elizabeth Welebob, Legislative Chair Wallace Roepke, Pre-Retirement Counselor Harold Bartelt, Service Officer Jack Fordham and ZIP-Code Chair Margaret Pappa

Appointed Officers NOT Present:  Advisor Steve Morrissey, Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular, Alzheimer’s Treasurer Susan Crowley, Membership Awards Chair Ann Murray, NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson, FEEA Coordinator Larry Feingold, and Coalition Coordinator Gerald Fournier.

Report from Wallace Roepke about the Morrissey Family – prognosis not good.

Plaque presented to outgoing Region III NFVP Ken Martin and Flowers provided to Caroline Martin; they graciously accepted this tribute from the FL Federation of Chapters.

First Order of Business:  Discussion of Motions.

            - Motion 09-30-04-01 Approved.  Motion made by 2nd VP Stewart, and properly seconded, that the 30 Sep/1 Oct 2004 Meeting Agenda be approved.

            - Motion 09-30-04-02 Approved.  Motion made by DVP Gerber, and properly seconded, that the approved Agenda be revised (if required).

            - Motion 09-30-04-03 Approved.  Motion made by PP Haviland, and properly seconded, that the 21 May 2004 Executive Board Minutes, as amended and presented in typed form, be approved and placed in the 2005 Convention Program Book.

            - Motion 09-30-04-04 Approved.  Motion made by 2nd VP Stewart, and properly seconded, that the 2004 Convention Minutes as amended and presented in typed form, be approved and placed in the 2005 Convention Program Book.

            - Motion 09-30-04-05 Approved.  Motion made by Treasurer Carter that the Treasurer’s Report (previously distributed via fax and letter by Treasurer) be adopted.  Without exception, this report was adopted by the board.

            - Motion 09-30-04-06 Approved.  Motion made by 1st VP Pappa, and properly seconded, that another $264.20 – in addition to the already budgeted $1,200.00 – be provided to the FL Federation President to cover his expenses to the recently concluded National Convention in Reno.  Following some discussion about foregoing a cap on travel expenses for the FL Fed President, motion approved.

Second Order of Business:  Presentation of Officer Reports.

            - President: Commentary about National Convention.  Of the 82 chapters in FL, 79 chapters sent either a delegate or provided a proxy.  Three chapters may be hopeless.

            - 1st VP: Order issued on 7 Aug 04 to close out 2004 Convention Committee.

            - 2nd VP: Working with DVP Gardner and DVP Gerber to reduce FL Fed conventions by one day and email approval was accomplished.  The real work and business of the 2005 convention starts now; district meeting times and places must be finalized.

            - Secretary:  Thanks for support from all in recent run for National Treasurer.

            - Treasurer:  Working on certain reports and better ways of doing the business of Treasurer of FL Federation.

            - District 2 – Harold Bartelt commentary about meetings within district.  Feb 05 meeting date and time in district may be complicated by NFL Super Bowl in Jacksonville with most motel and hotel rooms being occupied.  Bart on oxygen at all times now; however, still will do all he can in district.

            - District 4 – Sharon Sharp indicated plans for roundtable meeting in Lady Lakes early October.  Wants to visit all chapters by December.

            - District 6 – Herb Sicular not present; missed first meeting since 1992 but sent letter to president regarding legislative meetings.  Working closely with District 7 VP re the district meetings in February 2005.

            - District 8 – Wally Roepke commentary about National Convention.  Has tentative schedule for district meetings up to 2005 convention.  Had meeting of 6 chapters and had 11 members present at a give and take meeting.  Continues to work on legislative issues and in close contact with Sarasota MOAA people; will write a guest editorial for MOAA soon.  Appointed a Credentials Vice Chair for FL Fed Convention.

            - District 10 – Lucette Chizik NOT present, as she had hurricane associated woes and three flat tires on her car the morning she was due to depart for Altamonte Springs.

            - District 11 – Alice Hart not able to do much because of hurricane problems and no chapters meeting during the summer in her district.

            - District 9 – Richard Gerber provided schedule for calendar year.  Comments about National Convention and the voting system.  District President’s Council will meet on 18 October.  We should bring in new members but need to have a buddy system and contact persons to continually follow up on new members.

            - District 7 – Mickey Rosenthal provided handout to assembled members.  Has held evening meetings to get CFEs to join chapters.  Century Village Chapter is doing better in District 7 than it had been doing in District 6.

            - District 5 – Robert Snodgrass was installed at this meeting.  Will have District meeting on 25 Oct and will attend another district meeting, prior to his own, per recommendation of Executive Board that all newly appointed DVPs accomplish this.

            - District 3 – Ruth Blackwell went with Elizabeth Welebob to Patrick AFB to make CFE contacts.  Some chapters in district probably will merge.

            - District 1 – Charlie Gardner in contact with all chapters.  Pensacola had heavy damage and Milton also hit hard by hurricane.  Slate of officers in Pensacola will stay on for one more year and then there is a strong possibility the chapter will close.

            - Past President Guy Haviland provided kudos to incoming Region III NFVP Bob Harrell regarding the single digit vote count between Haviland and Harrell at the National Convention to fill the Region III NFVP slot.  Haviland also indicated that the $500 in the budget for use by the Past President should be sent to FEEA for use by hurricane victims.

Third Order of Business – Old Business of Executive Board.  Comments made about:

            - 1st VP Pappa – June 2004 Semi-Annual Membership Report; due on 30 Nov, based on information from HQ for March-October.  Resolution on page 15 of C&BL, distributed later in this meeting.  Go to special website of FL Fed where there are four forms posted by Bill Leatham and these will be linked to the site soon.  Regarding the M114, review it and ensure it is correct, as the form authorizes votes per chapter at the 2005 convention.  Each DVP – not chapter personnel – is responsible for the accuracy of this report.

            - Membership Chair Al Salo – distributed papers regarding the federation Recruitment and Retention Plan.  Commentary about how to go about R&R to make it successful.  President Whalen provided Salo with report about R&R he had received from Ohio Federation; also, Secretary Henderson provided thoughts about using The Military Coalition to get potential recruits.

            - Membership Awards Chair: Ann Murray not present; but provided report to President Whalen.  Report said Ann is dropping out of all except her duties as chapter president.  Will complete work now being done on awards and then President Whalen will take over this responsibility for the remainder of the year.

            - Service Chair Jack Fordham – remaining pro active and trying to be of service in district and federation.  Working with Fed President Whalen in contact with IRS brochure going out to all chapter members.  Need to get the brochure/pamphlet.

            - PAC Report provided by President Whalen, from notes provided by Don Wasson.  FL is #2, after CA Federation, in providing funds for PAC = $1,232,962.95.  FL provided $88,000.00 from 4,624 contributors.  Congressmen from FL who received PAC funds from national were Wexler=$1,000.00 and Foley=$3,000.00.

            - Legislative Report from Wallace Roepke – legislation has NOT moved as NARFE would like.  Need to build coalitions to advance legislation in the next session.  Nothing will happen this session of congress.  House has over 5,500 bills and the only way for NARFE members to get anything done is to constantly be in contact with our legislators regarding issues important to NARFE.  Wallace says we must remain optimistic about legislation; cosponsorship is really not the answer.

            - Historian Report from Elizabeth Welebob – costs to keep documents in storage due.  Secretary Henderson opined that many documents in Historical Files should be cleared out.  More than just Historical Files here; materials needed for conventions also in storage, pointed out to Secretary.  If materials to be kept in storage, bill must be paid for the year (and will get one extra ‘free’ month).  Therefore, request made by DVP Blackwell to continue rental at Shurgard.

-- Motion 09-30-04-07 made by Treasurer Carter, properly seconded, to make make payment.

            - Alzheimer’s Report sent by Leonora Sicular and read by Margaret Pappa; men age 65 and older are needed for a research study and two researchers received grants from NARFE at National Convention to continue studies about eradicating Alzheimer’s.

            - Pre-Retirement Seminars being conducted by Bartelt and two helpers.  Recruitment and Retention good in FL, despite NARFE HQ being slow to get things moving.  Bart and two helpers have recruited 86 people in both FL and GA recently.

            - ZIP Code Chair Margaret Pappa provided update about her work and read from notes provided to all present.

            - Automation Chair Bill Leatham discussed advances made in site.  Electronic forms on web pages and website and email may be tied together.  Needs some tag names for use and asked people to provide.  Pointed out that is an illegal website and we should not associate ourselves with it, despite suggestion from Secretary Henderson about the availability of the site.  Has several copies of current version of Open Office and distributed these to seven members. 

            - FEEA contributions must be individual and NOT from chapters.  Fill the forms out properly.

            - 2nd VP Stewart talked about the points system, vouchers and job descriptions for the 2005 convention.  He reviewed the jobs for the convention and got nitty-gritty about certain things better accomplished by direct statement, rather than concensus. 

Finally,  Motion 09-30-04-08 made by DVP Roepke, and properly seconded, to have 2nd VP Stewart work the point system from 10 – 17 as amended by DVP Gardner to have Entertainment Chair with 3 points.  After some discussion, Approved.

- Subject of pins for the 2005 convention arose.

-- Motion 09-30-04-09 made by President Whalen and properly seconded to buy the pins for $650.00.  Approved by board.

            - 2nd VP Stewart also brought up the email vote.

He made Motion 09-30-04-10, properly seconded, to accept the report and draft agenda as set up via  the email vote.  Therefore, the 2005 convention will begin on Tuesday afternoon, continue all day Wednesday and then continue all day Thursday.  Banquets will be held on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  The convention will be strictly business and there will be no extraneous speeches or discussions during business meeting hours. Training and other meetings will be at district meetings.  The Federation Executive Board meetings will be on Tuesday evening and Friday morning.

The 30 Sep 04 meeting portion of the Executive Board was concluded at 2255 hours.

Fourth Order of Business occurred on 1 Oct 2004 with recall to order by President Whalen at 8 a.m.

 President Whalen provided outgoing Region III NFVP Ken Martin time to make commentary about national events and concerns, following the National Convention.

Unfinished Business of the FL Federation included:

            - Constitution and By-Laws Revision, as directed at the 2004 FL Fed Convention, completed and copies distributed to all members of the Executive Board by 1st VP Pappa.  Additional C&BL documents in hands of Secretary and in storage at Shurgard for use as needed.

            - Semi-Annual Membership Reports Commentary provided by 1st VP Pappa for accomplishment by DVPs.  Reminder made about these important documents that need to have attention paid by all DVPs.

            - MBNA CDs initiated by Treasurer Ken Carter and President Dave Whalen.  For the information of all members of the Executive Board – CD interest rates and reason for placing Federation funds in MBNA authenticated by Treasurer. 

New Business of the FL Federation Executive Board included:

            - Projected Budget provided by Treasurer Carter and, following minimal discussion by some board members, Secretary Henderson made

-- Motion 10-01-04-10 and it was properly seconded to accept the projected budget provided by our Treasurer.

            - 2005 Per Capita Tax information was provided by Treasurer Carter and, with the approval of the other members of the Executive Board, DVP Gardner made

-- Motion 10-01-04-11, properly seconded, and Approved that keeps the $0.80 per member figure long extant in the FL Federation for chapters to follow when remitting these funds to the federation treasurer.

            - The convention registration fee of $10.00 was introduced by 2nd VP Stewart and he made

-- Motion 10-01-04-12, properly seconded, and Approved that keeps the individual delegate convention registration fee at $10.00 for the FL Federation Convention of 2005.  Also, it is a known that the Secretary will complete the delegate forms for elected members of the Executive Board and then the Treasurer will provide this $10.00 fee for each member of the board to cover their registration costs at the convention.

            - The email voting policy of the FL Federation was espoused by DVP Roepke and there was little discussion about the procedure.  DVP Roepke made

-- Motion 10-01-04-13, properly seconded, and Approved that outlines procedures for these votes via email.  (See for detailed information established by Roepke and generally followed previously, for specific details of this procedure.)

            - The Model Chapter Input sheet from National Secretary Sullivan was introduced by President Whalen and information was provided to members of the Executive Board that commentary is sought by Nat Sec Sullivan, through the Region NFVP, by 1 November 2004 regarding this project.

            - Recommendation was made by Secretary Henderson to establish a FL Federation Chapter which would use the computer to distribute information to CFEs and retired members who do NOT attend meetings.  Using the models set up and extant in AZ, IL, NY, and CO, Henderson made 

-- Motion 10-01-04-14 to establish a “virtual chapter”.  After proper second was made discussion occurred and many negative aspects of this procedure were espoused by three members.  A recommendation was made by DVP Roepke to TABLE this motion; this was accomplished by voice vote among the members.  Secretary Henderson was asked by President Whalen to put a better presentation together to discuss this matter in the future.

            - The February 2005 District Meeting Schedule – when the FL Federation President goes to district meetings on a set timetable – was brought up by 2nd VP Stewart.  There still is some finalization of dates to be accomplished by several of the DVPs;  not only the DVPs but also the FL Fed President knows of the existing dates and those DVPs who do NOT have dates and places finalized will complete this project and get this information to 2nd VP Stewart and to President Whalen.  More work needs to be done by some here;  all will be kept informed when the President knows what the schedule is.

            - Reminder about F-7 submission made by President Whalen as an essential need to keep the Federation informed about new leaders, meeting times, and formalization of information about chapters of the federation. 

President Whalen provided Region III NFVP-elect Bob Harrell time and opportunity to comment.  Bob was gracious in his thanks for support in Region III and related how he plans to work to fill the shoes of departing Region III NFVP Martin.

For the Good of the Order, the meeting of the Executive Board of the FL Federation of Chapters was concluded at about 10:30 a.m. on 1 Oct 2004.  A benediction was provided by the Chaplain, goodbyes were said, materials were gathered from the meeting room, and members of the board departed.

The next meeting of the FL Federation Executive Board will be in mid-February 2005 in the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs, FL.

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