National Active and Retired Federal Employees

Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   Monday Evening, 17 May 2004


Present:  Elected Officers –

President David Whalen, 1st VP Benjamin Pappa, Jr., 2nd VP Donald Stewart, Secretary Steve Henderson, Acting Treasurer Ken Carter, Junior Living Past President Guy Haviland, and 11 District Vice Presidents – Charles Gardner, James Dean, Ruth Blackwell, Sharon Sharp, Tom Singletary, Herb Sicular, Mickey Rosenthal, Art Garafolo, Richard Gerber, Lucette Chizik and Jack Fordham.

                                 Appointed Officers –

Advisor Steve Morrissey, Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, Historian Elizabeth Welebob, Legislative Chair Wallace Roepke, Membership Chair Ann Murray, NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson, Service Officer Jack Fordham, and ZIP-Code Chair Margaret Pappa.

Absent:  Appointed Officers –

Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular, Alzheimer’s Treasurer Susan Crowley, Automation Chair Bill Leatham, FEEA Coordinator Larry Feingold, Pre-Retirement Chair Harold Bartelt, PR Officer James Slegers, and Web-Site Coordinator Gerald Fournier.


National Treasurer Michael Hoyman, Past President Roy Reichelt, Dee Flynn.

The first order of business was discussion of motions:

Motion 05-17-04-01 Approved.  Subject: 17 May 2004 Agenda.  Move that the meeting agenda be approved.  Made by 2nd VP Stewart and properly seconded.

Motion 05-17-04-02 Approved.  Subject: 17 May 2004 Agenda be revised (if required). Made by 2nd VP Stewart and properly seconded.

Motion 05-17-04-03 Approved.  Subject: 12/13 February 2003 FL Executive Board Minutes NOT read by the Secretary (previously distributed for review).  Move that the two sessions of the past board meeting be approved.  Made by Secretary Henderson.  Discussion and amendment to motion made by DVP Gerber that “Board of Directors would review how DVPs would receive funds so more equitable allotment of funds would be made by the Treasurer.”  Seconded by 2nd VP Stewart and motion with the amendment approved.

 Motion 05-17-04-04 Approved.  Subject: Acting Treasurer’s Report distributed by Acting Treasurer Carter with some discussion.  Made by DVP Sicular and properly seconded.

 The second order of business included officer reports:

 Elected Federation Officers reported – especially about upcoming convention plans.

Three outgoing DVPs – Garafolo, Singletary, and Fordham given opportunity to speak.  Thanks from President Whalen for their service.  Several other DVPs discussed issues about recruitment and chapter diplomacy.

Committee Chairs – Legislative, Membership, Service, ZIP-Code, Automation, and NARFE-PAC provided brief reports.

During the PAC discussion, a point was brought up about the use of e-mail lists being used to report PAC activities; DVP Gerber made a motion to have PAC report sent to the DVPs for further distribution to chapters.  After some discussion, a motion to table this motion was made by 1st VP Pappa.  No further discussion.

Old Business was the third element of this executive board meeting.  Brief comments were made about:

            - 2004 Convention – General Chairman Pappa - précis view.

            - 2004 Convention – Treasurer Blackwell – doing well with money.

            - Federation Redistricting – 2nd VP Stewart – seven chapters moved and board should consider periodic reviews to improve districts.

            - Bylaws Update and Distribution – a major item to be discussed at convention.

New Business was the fourth element of this executive board meeting. 

            - Draft FY 2004 Fiscal Policy was distributed by Acting Treasurer Carter for discussion at the Friday, 21 May 2004 meeting.

            - Draft FY 2004 Budget was distributed by Acting Treasurer Carter for discussion at next meeting.

            - Draft District Annual Meeting Schedule for February 2005 was distributed by 2nd VP Stewart for review and potential discussion at next meeting.

            - 2005 Federation Convention – 2nd VP Stewart will take over but 1st VP Pappa will remain as facilitator.

            - National and Federation Resolutions and Bylaws – 1st VP Pappa commentary.

There being no further new business, President Whalen, for the Good of the Order, reminded those present about the 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2004 Executive Board Meeting scheduled, the 16 Feb 2005 District 3 and District 4 Annual Meeting, and the 17 – 18 February 2005 Executive Board Meeting scheduled in this Hilton Hotel.

Following a Benediction by Chaplain Schoolmaster, President Whalen adjourned the meeting.

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