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 Florida Federation of Chapters
 Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

 MAY 9, 2003


Following the 51st Annual Convention of the Florida Federation of Chapters of NARFE, the initial meeting of the newly-elected Executive Board was held in the Ponce de Leon Room of the Adams Mark Hotel at Daytona Beach, Florida on Friday, 9 May 2003, from 9:00 to noon and from 1:30 to 4:00.

All five elected officers, the eleven District Vice Presidents, and appointed officers of the Federation attended this meeting.

National Field VP for Region III, Ken Martin, commented about his participation at our convention, alerted the Executive Board to a Region III Seminar to be held in Columbus, GA on 30 September and 1 October, and indicated three Florida Federation members (Wally Roepke, Ben Pappa, and Leonora Sicular) will be speakers at the seminar. NFVP Martin indicated an e-mail message in mid-July would provide more information about the seminar. Following his comments, NFVP Martin departed to return to his home in Georgia.

Minutes of the previous meeting were neither read nor approved, since that meeting (with the old Executive Board) occurred on Monday, 5 May
2003, and the minutes had not been prepared. 1st VP Ben Pappa made the following motion and it was properly seconded:

"Minutes of the 5 May 2003 Executive Board meeting will be completed by past (Acting) Secretary Ann Murray, sent to the Federation President for approval, and distributed to the Executive Board."

The motion was approved by voice vote.

The assembled members of the board were given the opportunity to make remarks. All spoke in supportive and positive ways about the future actions of the Federation. Past President Guy Haviland commented about meetings of the board and suggested that the meeting held just before the convention be dropped. 1st VP Pappa commented that Federation Bylaws mandate that this meeting be held; however, discussion ensued which created the following motion made by Past President Haviland and properly seconded:

"Future Executive Board meetings will be held in October and February, under the two-day format, and during a three-hour period on the Monday evening of the May convention."

The motion was approved by voice vote.

The various District VPs commented about meetings in their Districts and the impact of the Federation budget on these meetings. President Whalen reminded all VPs that it has been the norm for DVPs to visit each chapter in their Districts twice per year.

Appointed Officer reports were provided by Legislative, Membership, Service, ZIP-code (with some DVPs reacting to the potential closing of certain chapters in their Districts), Alzheimer's, Automation and NARFE-Net, and NARFE-PAC chair persons. FEEA chair was not present, so no report was made about this activity.

Old Business pertaining to the just concluded convention elicited no motions.

New Business of the FL Federation of Chapters, discussed at this meeting, included:

a. President Whalen directed Secretary Henderson to determine what the Federation must do, under the laws of the state of Florida, to
incorporate our Federation to limit the liability of officers of the federation. The Secretary will determine the procedure and provide information to the President who will hold an e-mail meeting with members of the board about this issue.

b. Fiscal Policy of the Federation was fine-tuned when the following motion was made by Treasurer Saunders and properly seconded:

"Hotel lodging expenses will be approved by the President for reimbursement to members of the Executive Board, the DVPs and those appointed officers as required at the designated convention hotel ONLY."

The motion was carried by voice vote.

c. Fiscal Policy also was enhanced, following discussion about percentages of funds which should be provided to chapters that support Federation convention activities. The following motion was made by 1st VP Pappa and was properly seconded:

"After all bills are paid for the convention, the NET PROFIT will be distributed as follows: 25% to the Federation reserve fund and 75% to chapters through the convention points system."

The motion was carried by voice vote.

d. Regarding the motion passed about Executive Board members staying at the convention hotel, additional discussions occurred before
the following motion was made by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded:

"Executive Board members are expected to attend official functions at convention banquets and will be reimbursed at banquet rates. Those not attending planned banquets will be limited to the $ 40.00 per day convention meal reimbursement schedule."

The motion was carried by voice vote.

e. Other aspects of the fiscal policy of the Federation were discussed and, when there was nothing more to discuss about fiscal policy, 1st VP Pappa made the following motion and it was properly seconded:

"Accept the fiscal policy as amended."

The motion was carried by voice vote.

Following a break for lunch at noon, when several Federation Executive Board members met with executives of the Adams Mark Hotel to finalize the convention bill, the meeting was resumed to discuss New Business of the Federation at 1:30 by President Whalen. (The various bills and actions taken regarding the convention are NOT a part of these minutes.)

f. Discussions ensued about the Federation NOT being able to follow the points system this year, because of "break even" status of
funds expended by the Federation for the convention. However, a motion was made by 1st VP Pappa and properly seconded which reads:

"Eleven chapters, nine from District III and two others, each will receive checks for $ 200.00 written by Convention Treasurer Ruth Blackwell."

The motion was passed by voice vote.

g. The 2003 budget of the Federation was discussed in great detail when line-by-line decisions were made by Executive Board members. President Whalen indicated the board would start by looking at items about which we can agree. Federation officers generally decreased the amount of funds each would receive during the year. Certain other line items were either increased or decreased until the board agreed that the
projected income would be @ $ 69,600.00. That income includes $ 4,600.00 from the additional $ 0.20 Per Capita Tax. An offer was made by 1st VP Pappa to purchase the computer and monitor used by the former Federation Secretary for $100.00. The money was provided to the treasurer, as the motion was made by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded.

h. When it was apparent all line items of the budget had been discussed, the following motion was made by District VP James Dean and properly seconded:

"Approve the changes made and pass the budget."

The motion was passed by voice vote.

An item of Old Business, which had been tabled at the previous Executive Board meeting held on Monday, 5 May 2003, was reintroduced by District 9 VP Richard Gerber. Discussion ensued about the Alzheimer's Family Organization and District 9 Co-Sponsored Golf Tournament to raise funds for Alzheimer's. It became apparent that the signature of the Federation President would be acquired on a request to obtain matching funds from NARFE National, even though there would be no funds made available for this venture from the Federation treasury; therefore, even though there was some intent to get a vote on this issue from the Board, Secretary Henderson made the following motion which was properly seconded:

"With the assurance that the Federation President will sign a request for matching funds which have been acquired by District 9 from raffle ticket sales and donations, District 9 VP removes the tabled motion from consideration by the Executive Board."

The motion was approved by voice vote.

Other new business of the federation included discussions about: Federation redistricting, review and revision of Federation bylaws, and location of future Executive Board meetings. No specific motions were made.

Utilizing a work sheet provided by 1st VP Pappa, the Federation Executive Board established the committee chairs anticipated for the 2004 convention. After discussions about these jobs, President Whalen appointed individuals to various positions and members of the Executive Board accepted these responsibilities:

General Chairperson:    Ben Pappa
Admin Asst to the Chair:     Donald Stewart
Secretary:     Steve Henderson
Treasurer:     Ruth Blackwell
Auditors:     Larry Saunders and Ken Carter
Commercial Ads & Tables:     Donald Stewart
Credentials:     Art Garafolo
Door Prizes/Welcome:     Art Garafolo
Equipment:     Elizabeth Welebob
Flags/Banners:     Jack Fordham
Greeters:    James Dean
Hobby Show:     Guy & Betty Haviland
Host/Hostess Chair:     Herb Sicular
Hotel Facilitator:     Ben Pappa
Program Books:     Dave Whalen
Registration:     Sharon Sharp
Support Group:     Charlie Gardner
Banquet Tickets:     Herb Sicular
Decorations:     Mickey Rosenthal

President Whalen concluded the Executive Board meeting at 4:00 on 9 May 2003. (The next regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting will begin on Thursday afternoon, 23 October, and will continue on Friday, 24 October, at either the Best Western Hotel in Deltona or at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs. E-mail messages to the members will finalize the times and place of these meetings.)


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