51st Annual Florida Federation Convention

Adams Mark Hotel, Daytona Beach

May 6 & 7, 2003



The 51st Annual Convention of the Florida Federation of Chapters opened at the Adams Mark Hotel at 9:00 a.m. May 7, 2003, with an introduction of Federation Officers by Convention Chair Elizabeth Welebob.  We were welcomed to Daytona Beach by its Mayor, Baron H. (Bud) Asher.  Colors were presented; Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster gave the invocation and led the gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance, and, with the help of Steve Henderson, the singing of America the Beautiful.  The stirring Parade of Banners filled the hall with color and pageantry.

The Key Note Address was given by Region III National Field Vice President Ken Martin. He used the convention theme “Racing to the Future” to illustrate the need for change within organizations.  Among those ongoing at present are changes to the magazine, now known as NARFE, the web site, and membership incentives.

Federation President Guy L. Haviland called the business session of the convention to order at 10:00 a.m. and introduced our distinguished guests, among them National Secretary David Sullivan.  President Haviland called the convention’s attention to delegate Lloyd Pearson of Clay County 14124, who was attending his 26th convention.  (Later, it was brought out that Alice Hart has been attending for 30 years.)  Acting Secretary Ann Murray read the Roll Call of Officers, which revealed all elected officers were present.

Credentials Chair Tony Falanga read the preliminary report which showed 727 delegate voting strength, 148 proxy voting strength, 17 Ex-Board voting strength, and Past Presidents voting strength, one.  Total voting strength – 893.  A quorum was present.  Present at the convention 17 Executive Board members, one Past President, 221 Delegates, 15 Alternates, 10 guests for a total of 264.

MOTION:  Lloyd Pearson; to accept the report; seconded and approved.

Rules Chair Allen Salo, after introducing his committee, read the Rules for the 2003 Convention. 

MOTION:  Benjamin Pappa, Jr; to adopt the rules; seconded and approved.  Committee was excused with thanks.

MOTION: John Reed; to approve the agenda as printed, seconded and approved.

MOTION:  David Whalen; to change agenda if required, seconded and approved.

Ann Murray discussed the minutes of the 2002 Convention which were contained in the Secretary’s report, which was distributed to the delegates upon registration; there were no corrections or additions.

MOTION:  Ray Evon; to approve the minutes of the last convention as distributed; seconded and approved.

Ms. Murray invited discussion of the Minutes of the Executive Board meetings of 2002/2003, which were also in the Secretary’s Report and were previously approved by the Executive Board.  Hearing no discussion, the Minutes will be filed.

Ms. Murray read letters from Past Presidents Glen Lambert and Herb Jones and relayed a message from Past President Ruth Cookman.

President Haviland asked for a show of hands of those people attending the Convention for the first time; around 1/3 so indicated.  He commended them for being with us to pick up the gauntlet.

Treasurer Larry Saunders discussed his report and the Treasurer’s and Alzheimer’s audits contained therein.

MOTION:  Lloyd Pearson; to accept the Treasurer’s Report and the Treasurer’s and Alzheimer’s Audits; seconded and carried.

Reports were given by elected officers:  President Guy Haviland, 1st VP David Whalen, 2nd VP Benjamin Pappa, Jr plus Treasurer Larry Saunders and Immediate Past President Ann Murray.

President Haviland called the delegates’ attention to NARFE-PAC and the collection table in the hall, urging contributions to this important activity.

Eddie Williams of Blue Cross-Blue Shield was invited to the podium to present these awards:  American Flags to Edie Helt and Ann Kaski and Signature BC Pens to Betty Jo Monday and Jean Meister.

Mail Handlers followed with their drawing winners; Sy Jaffe presented a 19” TV to Mae McLennan and Coolers to Tony Papalas and Lois Todd.

Convention Door Prizes were awarded by Mary Ellen Schoolmaster for:

            Altamonte Springs Hilton Dinner for Two – Mickey Rosenthal

            Two Night Weekend Stay at the Hilton – Bob Brenneman

            Bag of Goodies – Jean Bennett

            Deltona Inn Two Night Stay & $25.00 for Food – Richard Conway

The meeting was recessed for lunch; time for reconvening is 1:30 p.m. for the Memorial Service.

- - - - - -

After a very moving Memorial Service, conducted by Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, assisted by Lucette Chizik, the business meeting resumed at 2:10 p.m.

Regional and Federation Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular introduced our Alzheimer’s speaker, Dr. Christopher B. Eckman of the Mayo Clinic; he spoke on ongoing Alzheimer’s research and progress.  Alzheimer’s is the eighth leading cause of death in this country – fifty per cent of us will develop the disease, if we live long enough.  There are as yet no drugs approved for prevention or to slow progression, nor have researchers identified people destined to develop the disease, with the exception of those in families with certain genetic markers.  Stem cell research results are still years away.  Still, Dr. Eckman is pleased with the progress being made and thanked NARFE for its continuing support to find solutions.  Excellent questions and answers followed.

Bob Snodgrass introduced the Constitution & Bylaw Committee and began the bylaws change process:

            Bylaws Resolution 03-01 – this change allowed for the five Federation-wide elected officers to serve on Convention Host Committees.  The C&BL Committee recommendation was to adopt as amended (to correct a reference & some punctuation with the resolution).

MOTION:  Ben Pappa; to further amend the resolution to include other pertinent references for change.  After discussion the resolution was adopted as amended.

            Bylaws Resolution 03-02 – this change would bring our Bylaws in line with a change made to the National Bylaws at last September’s National Convention; to have the Nominating Committee report out the candidates for Federation-wide elected office only as being qualified for the position, without recommendation.  Committee recommended adoption; the resolution was adopted without discussion.

            Bylaws Resolution 03-03 – this change would increase the cap of the Per Capita Tax from 80 cents to $1.00.  Committee recommended it be adopted.

MOTION: Ray Evon, Chapter 1844; remove the word “active” from the resolution.  This is not part of the resolution but part of the original Bylaw.  The motion was seconded and eventually passed and the word “active” will be removed from the original Bylaw.


After vigorous discussion, the vote was called.  Bylaw changes require 2/3 votes and the Resolution appeared to carry; but, a Division was called for in a

MOTION: Charles Shannon, Chapter 1137; this was inconclusive, as counts did not agree, so a roll call vote was requested.  The Convention was recessed for fifteen minutes to allow DVPs to gather the votes of their chapters; the votes was 594 for the resolution and 318 against, failing the 2/3 votes by a few votes.  Thus, the resolution was defeated.

Because of the requirements of the Federation Bylaws, the rest of the Bylaws Committee and the Resolutions Committee reports were postponed until Thursday, so the Nominating Committee and the Time, Place & Site Committee could be heard.

The Chair of the Nominating Committee, elected by Committee members as its first order of business, was Claude Lamar with Richard Zeiner as Co-Chair.  Mr. Lamar introduced his committee, which was thanked, and reported that the following candidates had appreared unopposed before the committee and that all were qualified for the positions sought:

            President                                David L. Whalen

            First Vice President                  Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr.

            Second Vice President              Donald Stewart

            Secretary                                John S. (Steve) Henderson

            Treasurer                                Larry Saunders

Nominations from the floor were requested; hearing none, on a seconded and adopted MOTION from Irv Morrill of Chapter 58, the Secretary was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for all candidates.  This was done and the candidates named above were now elected.

Margaret Pappa, Chair of the Time, Place & Site Committee now came to the podium.  She introduced and thanked her committee and explained that there were two hotels contending for next year’s convention, but with two year possible contracts - the Embassy Suites, Fowler Avenue in Tampa, and the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs.  The dates, in either case, will be May 16-21, 2004 with the dates for 2005 not yet set.

The Embassy suites offers a price of $99.00 plus tax of 12%, free full breakfast, free cocktails from 5-7 p.m. and free parking.

The Hilton offers a price of $72.00 plus tax of 10% for a standard room with an available upgrade to $87.00 on the Club Level (which includes a continental breakfast and other goodies).  Also, free parking for all.

The Committee recommended the Hilton which the delegates voted to accept; so, we will be at the Hilton the next two years.

The meeting was recessed for the day for the delegates to attend District Caucuses.

- - - - - - - -

The meeting reconvened at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 8, 2003, with a reading and invocation by Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of “God Bless America.”

Chair Tony Falanga read the interim Credentials Report.  The delegate voting strength is 730, proxy voting strength is 148, Ex Board voting strength is 17, and past president voting strength is one – for a total voting strength of 896.  Present at the convention are 17 members of the Executive Board, one Past President, 239 Delegates, 19 Alternates, eleven guests for a total attendance of 287.

MOTION:  Ben Pappa; to accept the Interim Credentials Report; seconded and adopted.

Chair Bob Snodgrass continued with the Bylaws Report, starting with Bylaws Resolution 03-04 which would change in the Bylaws the term “Per Capita Tax” to the term “Federation Membership Dues”.  The committee recommended non-adopt.  There was no discussion and the resolution was not adopted. 

Chair Martha Reed of the Resolutions Committee introduced her committee with thanks.

            Resolution 03-01 urged the National Office to identify a contact in addition to an assigned chapter for new members.  Committee recommended non-adopt.  There was a great deal of discussion on this matter and the resolution was adopted.

            Resolution 03-02 requested that NARFE oppose any adverse change proposals to FEHBP.  Committee recommended non-adoption, on the grounds this is already part of the national policy.  There was no discussion and the resolution was not adopted.

            Resolution 03-03 requested that NARFE actively support all legislation to eliminate Government Pension Offset to earned Social Security spousal benefits.  Committee recommended non-adoption on the same grounds as above; after brief discussion, the resolution failed.

            Resolution 03-04 supported a method of determination that more adequately reflects a true CPI/W index.  Committee recommended adoption.  There was no discussion and the resolution was adopted.

            Resolution 03-05 requested annual reports to the chapters regarding distribution activities of NARFE-PAC funds within the state of Florida.  Committee recommended adoption.  It was supported by NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson and the resolution was adopted.  Committee was dismissed by the Chair with thanks.

The Secretary announced prizes from GEHA (a group which had gone home):

            GEHA Umbrella – James Dean

            GEHA Chair – Martha Reed 

President Haviland announced that pictures from the convention would be available for $10.00 from Ron Marten.

President Haviland announced the winners of the DVP elections as follows:    

   DVP 1 – Charles Gardner;  DVP 2 – James Dean;  DVP 3 – Ruth Blackwell;

   DVP 4 – Sharon Sharp;  DVP5 – Tom Singletary;  DVP 6 – Herb Sicular;

   DVP 7 – Mickey Rosenthal;  DVP 8 – Art Garafolo;

   DVP 9 – Richard Gerber;  DVP 10 – Lucette Chizik;  DVP 11 – Jack Fordham

President Haviland announced that former Federation 1st VP Joe Scalzo died in January.

National Secretary David Sullivan now addressed the convention. He had interesting points on recruiting and welcoming new members, the grooming of new officers and other matters to do with chapters.  He feels the chapters should return to doing their own dues collection, to give an opportunity for one on one contact with all members at least once per year.

MOTION:  Dee Flynn, whose chapter, for which he is a delegate, had voted on the winning side of the defeat of Bylaws Resolution 03-03 yesterday, moved that this resolution be reconsidered.  It was seconded and the Delegates approved the request for reconsideration.

Discussion now commenced on the actual reconsideration of Bylaw Resolution 03-03.  After much discussion, the question was called and debate was stopped.  The vote was called for and President Haviland declared that the resolution was passed and that the change about Active Members, approved yesterday, is moot as it was part of the prior vote.  There was no dissent.

Mr. Keith Roberts, Senior Account Manager of Hancock/Met Life, discussed the Federal Long Term Care Program.  He spoke about various aspects of the program but his most important pronouncement was that it is always open enrollment with this program;  anyone may join at any time. 

Don Wasson, NARFE-PAC Chair, made his report.  First quarter donations increased nationally by a factor of five.  In Florida, members contributed $5,892 from 233 persons, a 37% increase.  No distributions have been made yet, as it is early in the election cycle.  Maximum to any candidate is $5,000 in the cycle.  Florida Federation is 13th nationally and 1st in Region III.  Lake Worth Chapter 160 contributed $125 from two members and Chapter 1104 donated $495 from four members.  Don has collected $350 at the convention.

Bob Pfaff, Chair of the Ballot & Tellers Committee, introduced and thanked his committee members.  They had little work to do in this convention.

Richard Carroll announced that Chapter 1984 contributed the most funds to Alzheimer’s this year.

Wally Roepke thanked all the members for the excellent letter writing that has made every office on the Hill aware of NARFE and for what it stands.

The meeting was recessed for lunch and then reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Tony Falanga gave the final Credentials Report.  Delegate Voting Strength is 730, Proxies are 148; Ex Board is 17; Past President – one and the total is 896.  Present at the convention are 17 members of the Executive Board, one Past President, 240 Delegates, 19 Alternates and eleven Guests for a total attendance of 288.

MOTION:  Ann Murray; to accept the report; seconded and adopted.

Chapter 172 was presented a fifty year certificate by President Haviland.  Maude Henderson accepted it on behalf of the chapter.

New Federation Officers Steve Henderson, Secretary, and Don Stewart, 2nd Vice President, were asked to say a few words to introduce themselves to the delegates. 

Ann Murray presented the Chapter Awards for the Membership Awards Program. Action awards, totaling $2,080 for 1040 actions, were presented at the District Caucuses.  The Chapter winners were as follows:

            New Members, Total Actions

                        First Place                  $100    Bay County 1305       39 Actions

                        Second Place                  65    Pensacola 86              35 Actions

                        Third Place                    35    Apollo 1137                33 Actions


            New Members, by Percentage Gained over Membership March 31, 2002

                        First Place                  $100    Downtown Jax 1715 .125%   10/80

                        Second Place                  65    North Port 1713        .099%   15/151

                        Third Place                    35    North Tampa 1154    .091%   31/340


            Retention, Total Actions

                        First Place                  $100    New Port Richey 583                        19 actions

                        Second Place                 65     North Palm Bch 1088             7 actions

                        Third Place                   35     Delray Beach 1979                  6 actions 

            Retention, by Percentage Gained over Membership     March 31, 2002

                        First Place                  $100    New Port Richey 583              .031    19/618

                        Second Place                  65    North Palm Bch          .029      7/238

                        Third Place                   35     Deland 817                   .024      4/167


Total to Chapters - $800                   Total Membership Awards - $2,88

Mae Flynn presented the Hobby Show Awards:

            Best in Show                          Annie Singletary

            Division 1, Pictures                Hal Kelton

            Division 2, Crafts                  Charles Walker

            Division 3, Needlework         Martha Reed

Joan Barnes, Chair of the Sergeant-at-Arms Committee, introduced her hard working group, with thanks.

President Haviland announced his choices for Man of the Year and Woman of the year.  Woman of the Year was Ann Murray, Acting Secretary.  Man of the Year was Wally Roepke, Legislative Chair.  Both were popular choices.  President Haviland also presented a Special Award to Ben Pappa for stepping in when called upon to help with the Convention Hotel Contract and the convention itself. 

President Haviland called BethWelebob to the podium for her comments about the convention.  She presented certificates to her Host Chairs.  When she was finished with her remarks, she was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by President Haviland. He thanked Parliamentarian Amy Johnson for her excellent work and cooperation.  President Haviland made his closing remarks.  He enjoyed his time as President and will be around as Immediate Past President.  He thanked the Executive Board for their help and cooperation and thanked the members for their friendship.

After Mary Ellen Schoolmaster gave the benediction,  Ben Pappa asked for permission to speak and, calling Betty Haviland to the podium, he thanked both the Havilands for a job well done.

The convention was brought to a close with a bang of the gavel.


Ann S. Murray

Acting Secretary

Addendum to the Minutes:  At the closing Banquet, the Officers were installed by NFVP Ken Martin, who presented Guy Haviland with a Past President’s pin and flowers to Betty Haviland.  The Speaker was National Vice President David Sullivan.  Rousing comments were made by incoming President David Whalen, who presented a gift to outgoing President Haviland.

Raffle Ticket winners were: 


            Grand Prize               $1,000             Sylvia Ventura, Chapter 754

            Selling Chapter               100             Charlotte Chapter 754

            $100 Prize                                          Chris Carraway, Chapter 86

            $100 Prize                                          Jerry A. Russo, Chapter 1137

            $100 Prize                                          Don Wasson, Chapter 1844



A. Murray

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