ADAMS MARK HOTEL                       

 MAY 5, 2003


First, I must apologize for gaps in these minutes - I did not realize at first that my tape recorder was not properly working, and failed to take complete written notes because of that.  A new recorder was purchased that evening.   

Ann Murray

The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm on Monday, May 5, 2003 by Federation President Guy L. Haviland.   Invocation was given by Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by District 1 Vice President Charles Gardner. All Elected Officers were present.
Also present were Region III Field Vice President Ken Martin, National Secretary Dave Sullivan, Federation Advisor Steve Morrissey, Legislative Chair Wally Roepke, Membership Chair Dee Flynn, Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular, Automation Chair Lew Greer, Historian George Helt, NARFE-Pac Chair Don Wasson, and Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa.

The minutes of the meeting of February 6-7, 2003 were approved as corrected.  Larry Saunders’ Treasurer’s Report was discussed and filed for audit. 

In President Haviland’s report, he said how much he had enjoyed his two years as Federation President.

MOTION, Ann Murray:  To approve agenda as written - seconded and adopted.

MOTION, Beth Welebob:  To change agenda if necessary - seconded and adopted.

Only the DVPs who were leaving their present jobs made reports.  DVP 3 Beth Welebob has very mixed feelings about leaving, but knows it is time.  DVP 7 Don Stewart is proud of reinstated Key West Chapter 598 -District 7 has experienced large attrition.

Both Dave Sullivan and Ken Martin spoke, Mr. Sullivan stressing the need for Federation-wide Chapters. 

Convention Chair Beth Welebob and Assistant Ben Pappa discussed plans for the convention.  Good news is that the funds advanced to the Convention Committee for seed money and hotel deposit have already been repaid to the Federation in the amount of $11,839.04, leaving a zero balance this date. Hotel bill will be paid in full by the Federation on Friday.  The convention committee will pay its bills and, after audit, funds remaining will be returned to the Federation, as overrun is expected.
Under new business, Ann Murray read her proposal for the Membership Awards Program for 2003-2004 and, in the form of a MOTION, asked that it be approved so that the outline of the program could be distributed to the chapter presidents & membership chairs at the caucuses on Wednesday.  Motion was seconded and, after discussion, approved.

DVP 9 Richard Gerber requested $375 from the Federation as Matching Funds for the D-9  Alzheimer’s NARFE Golf Tournament in September. This was in the form of a MOTION, which was seconded.  After discussion, Ben Pappa moved that the previous motion be tabled until the budget portion of the Executive Board Meeting of Friday, May 9, 2003.   This was seconded and approved. 

DVP Gerber reported that St Petersburg Chapter 17, the oldest in our state, held a special meeting on April 28 to discuss future of the chapter - ten members attended.  Chapter is financially sound, but has no officers except the President.  It is now expected that they will  merge with Chapter 1154 or 109.  Ann Murray was requested to send a copy of the Policy & Procedure on Chapter Closings to DVP Gerber.

DVP Gerber brought up the subject of new Chapter 2338  recently started by Membership Chair Dee Flynn in his condo.  It has seven members, five of whom are new, the other two being the Flynns from Chapter 1154   During discussion, Secretary Sullivan stated that chapters within facilities of various types was one of the new fronts being pushed by NARFE and that it was the wave of the future.

Don Wasson, NARFE-Pac Chair, reported that NARFE’s new push has resulted in a tremendous increase in donations already plus in the numbers of members contributing. 

Wally Roepke reported briefly on legislation.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 4PM. 

Ann Murray
Acting Secretary


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