Get a GOOD Email Account


Want better security, better service and a stable email address? And, for FREE!

Instead of settling for your Internet Service Provider's insecure email account, get an encrypted secure mail account. Verizon, Comcast, etc., are not known for their email service because Email is a nuisance to them.

On the other hand Google's GMAIL pioneered encrypted mail connections, Yahoo and Outlook.com followed. And all of these services are strongly supported by their organizations. Plus, these accounts are “forever”, as long as used. As a bonus, your email account remains unchanged when and if you change your Internet Service Provider. These are IT companies that value your email. All have valuable added services that can tie into your email

Google has a full suite of office applications in addition to GMAIL, and gives you 15 Gigabytes of storage on their Cloud, so you can access these files anywhere with any device as long as you are connected to the Internet. Yahoo has Flickr, with a Terabyte free picture storage (that's bigger than many hard drives' capacity), a great finance section where you can set up and track your investments, Outlook.com has an office suite, 5 Gigabytes of Cloud storage, and, it's Microsoft. All 3 have calendars, contact lists and can manage external accounts.

And, Mac users have free Mac email accounts set up almost by default. Using iCloud via the web gives you access to their web versions of their office suite.

These free email accounts are door-openers getting you in the door to enjoy what these companies offer. Something to think about.